About Us

Met: December 19th 2006
Engaged: December 19th 2008
Married: May 2nd 2009
Peyton Born: December 19th 2010

The 3 of us currently live in Lehi, Utah where we purchased our first home, so far we love it here. It's not Pleasant grove or Lindon, but its growing on us. We serve as sunbeam teachers in the 3rd ward of Pilgrims Landing and we love it!

Mike works for a company called SolutionStream in Lehi. There he does marketing and graphic design for them. For fun he likes to game with his friends and play COD and Halo. He also likes to long board and shoot clay pigeons. He is addicted to the games on Facebook and loves to read anything and everything especially about the latest and greatest in technology. 

Nikki works from home for wheatgrasskits.com She loves playing with Peyton and Kilo. She likes to be outside in the sun every chance she gets. She has currently picked up a new hobby- Yard/Garage selling and couponing. 

Peyton was born on December 19th 2010. She is happy and healthy. We are so blessed to have this little angel in our home. Eating, Sleeping, Pooping and speaking Gibberish is what she does best! 

Kilo was born in October 2010. He is a  Harlequin Great Dane, which means he is white with black spots. (like Pongo) He is 7 months old and one giant puppy! We sure do love him!

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