Parry Hudson Hall

After the ward truck or treat we put the kids down and Kristen came over and gave me a prenatal massage. It was absolutely amazing. I told her as she left around 9, this is going to be the best night sleep of my whole pregnancy :) I was a week over due and I knew if the baby didn't come in 2 days i'd be induced. Which is perfectly fine, I was induced with Pey and Hou, but this time around I wanted to try going into labor on my own.  As I lay in bed Mike had already fallen asleep I was having some contractions that were really starting to hurt so much so that I couldn't fall asleep. I didn't want to wake him until I really knew so I let him sleep. I downloaded a contraction app on my phone. As you can see by the picture I was in labor. 

I waited to wake up Mike until I needed him around 11. My lower back was in so much pain. He put pressure in my back and hips and it wasn't helping. I text Kristen and kept her updated. She came over around 12. After 45 min it was time to go. Mike called him Mom to come stay with the kids and we raced to the hospital. We got there at 1:00am My lower back felt like it was going to snap, I was worried about re-injuring my back. The anesthesiologist recommended a spinal block. It lasted about an hour and a half. It was wonderful. The pain in my lower back was gone. I still had labor pain in my front and could feel everything on that end, but I didn't feel like I was going to die. It hurt still, it hurt alot! I was a 5 or 6 when we got to the hospital and in an hour and a half I was a 9. I sat at a nine for about a half hour. (kind of weird) I was finally a 10 and ready to push. It was amazing to be in natural labor. In the past I'd had pitocin. It was really neat to see my body doing everything on its own. Parry was out in a couple of pushes. HE was a boy!!! I have picture of Mike telling me with tears in his eyes, but its a little to personal to post. I will never forget Mike telling me and the doctor showing me. It was amazing. The room was filled with an amazing spirit. I got to hold parry for a few moments, but I was still contracting and still in so so much pain. I had to give Parry to Mike and it took a bit before my contractions stopped and I could really enjoy that baby. This was the only real negative., I wasn't prepared to keep laboring. I did notice my lower back was sore the next few days like I had injured it, Parry wasn't breach or posterior it is interesting how accident injuries can affect child birth, but I am still grateful for my body allowing me this truly amazing experience. I would do this again pain and all.

1 Month Old 

He weighed 10+ lbs and was 24 inches long at his apt last week. He breastfeeds every two hours during the day. He is sleeping for 6 hours at night. He smiles at Dad more than anyone. He is colicky and cries around 7pm every night. Laying on mom has been the best remedy. He's definitely our hardest baby so it's a good thing he is so darn cute and has stolen our hearts. 

Parry is 6 weeks today. After my post a couple of weeks ago a lot of you have asked about Parry. I went to a pediatrician last Monday. I explained to him how I have two other kids and both of them were happy babies unlike Parry. This started around 2 weeks where I felt like P wanted to eat all the time and if he wasn't eating or sleeping he was crying. I tried gas drops, gripe water, digestzen, lavender, burping him more often, sitting him up all of the time, going off dairy. These all only helped a little. After 3 weeks I decided to ask a doctor. He could tell by Parry's symptoms that what I was describing was silent reflux. He hardly spits up, but the acid in his stomach has been coming up and hurting his esophagus. It makes me sad to think he has been in pain. The doctor said he can write me a prescription, but it only works on 1 out of 4 kids. He recommended to put rice cereal in his milk to make the milk settle and not come back up. You use 1 teaspoon per ounce of milk. This meant I'd have to pump during the day and bottle feed. I still get to breastfeed at night because Parry dream feeds and doesn't cry at night. 
After his first feeding on rice cereal bottle he smiled and cooed, I couldn't help but cry. He was happy all night and has been happy ever since. I will never forget that day that Parry changed from crying all the time to being happy all because of rice cereal. 


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