Hall Baby #3

 Mike has had the feeling it was time for another little one for quite awhile. I needed some encouragement... In November my sister-in-law and brother did IVF for the last time. In December they found out they are having TWINS! It wasn't too long after that a few more sisters told me they are trying!!  I knew I wanted to be pregnant with them and have lots of cousins running amok that are about the same age.

It was interesting to me how badly I wanted to be pregnant once we started trying, because it had taken me so long to get on board.

I went to the dollar store and bought around 10 tests... I took a test every morning for about 5 days. On this particular Saturday morning I woke up at 5:00am. I got up took a test and waited about 2 minutes and once again no little pink line. I threw it away and went back to sleep. 
At about 8:00am I was Vox-ing (walkie talkie app) my sister and telling her how bummed I was that my tests were negative because my pregnancy app told me to test and so on. As I sat there venting to her I kid you not. There sitting in the trash was the pink line I had been looking for!! I remembered in the back of the box it says do not read results after 5 mins. So I figured it was coincidence. 

This is the picture I sent Lynne of my newly found test and back of the box. 

She said do you have another test?? I had one left. I took it and after a few minutes this is what it looked like. 

You can see why at 5:00am I threw it away with out thinking. As time went by it got darker and darker.

Lynne got me a clear blue because she "wanted me to see the words". 

There you have it. Yes I am pregnant. It still hasn't really hit me considering i'm not sick, i'm sure that will make it more real. It has been four years since I've been pregnant. I haven't seen a doctor yet since I'm only 4 weeks.

I told Mike later that day, it was fun and cute. We were driving to Salt Lake and we play this game in the car where we put on a year or a genre and we try and guess the title and artist. It's actually pretty fun. Before hand I made a "Baby" playlist of songs like Hit Me Baby One More Time, Ice Ice Baby ect. It took him a little so I had to repeat the playlist and he said your just repeating the same same songs. We were in the parking lot and so I said "What do you hate babies?" He look at me and said are you SERIOUS?? I said Yes and we had a good moment it was fun and cute. 

5 Weeks
I am finding i'm way more tired lately. I usually go to bed around 11 or 12, but lately it has been 10:00 and i've even taken a few naps. My patience is thinner, my kids and the hubs have noticed... I don't know if I was this tired and short so early on with the others.
The days are going really slow. I think it's because we are telling Mikes family at Disney and I am so excited for Disney and to finally tell everyone so I think i'm doubly excited which makes time go even slower. I got nauseated for the first time this week. I worked out really hard at the gym with out eating then after carpool and getting the kids fed and down for naps it was 2 in the after noon. I realized I haven't eaten. Once I ate, I felt so much better.
I've also realized we are bad at our timing of our trips. I will be 8 weeks when we got to Disney (primetime sickness)...  I know this because we went to NYC when I was 8 weeks with Pey and I was so sick. Then when I was 8 weeks with Houston we went on a Cruise. Kind of ironic.

I'm feeling a little nervous. My doctor C is no longer and OB and only does family practice. Which means I had to find a new doctor. I feel like I know and trust him and finding a new OB is kind of like starting over again.  After talking with family and friends I have found a new OB, Dr. J I don't get to meet him until April and I'm hoping then I will find some comfort.

Alright that's enough from me and my Apple Seed. 

6 Weeks
This week flew by fast which is great. My body has already started changing which I feel is crazy because the babe is only a small pea. Mike even noticed. It's crazy how something that small can cause so much change. I'm feeling yucky all the time. It was the day before I hit my 6 week when I woke up and didn't want to get out of bed. I couldn't lay there I had to get the kids ready for school and drive carpool. It forced me to get out of bed and eat something which is that last thing you want to do when you're nautious. I actually felt a lot better after eating. Now every time I start feeling sick I eat something. I've been told protein is good for morning sickness, but it's hard to have it around all of the time. I think every time I have ice cream I get sick. It might just be sugar, but my friends think it could be the dairy. 

A lot of people know we are trying and when I see them they ask me so I have been telling those that have asked me point blank. Besides my family I want to announce them in a cute way. Sorry Dad and Chase for lying to you on Sunday. ;)

7 Weeks 
I told my Sister-in-law Whitney on Friday and she said guess what me too!!! So we came up with a plan for Sunday Dinner. 

It was a lot of fun surprising everyone!
Whit is Due 2 weeks after me on Halloween! 🎃  I'm relieved my family knows now so I can tell them how I'm really feeling. 
It has been a pretty rough week as far as morning sickness goes. My bed has been my best friend lately. The kids are being so sweet and won't wake me if I am sleeping. I have never been one to take a nap and that has changed real quick. 

Week #8
Bring on the vivid dream and so much more morning sickness which is early morning or at 5pm. I have been so very sick and getting ready for our trip to Disney. I am showing and in denial. I think it's just from being so bloated still. Wow where did this bump come from and why so early. My body is pregnant and proud... My mind is like shouldn't I wait till 12 weeks to tell people? 

Week #9 
I woke up at 4:30am trying not to throw up and go back to sleep, but that's just not happening. I have to be ready in a few hours for our last day at Disneyland. I've been sick on and off but not so bad it's cut out from Disney. :) 
We told Mikes parents! Papa got it right away. It's so nice having all of the family know so now when they ask how I'm feeling I can tell them the truth. 

After talking to my in-laws I turned to my kids and said do you know who this Mickey hat is for? I explained that I am pregnant. Peyton's face lit up and she got so excited. I explained that's why I have been so sick and why my belly is growing. Don't worry they've noticed my belly. Houston gave my 
belly a kiss. I was already crying from Peyton's reaction and then after Houston's I was hopeless. It was perfect. They are both so excited! Peyton wants a girl of course and Houston wants two boys. Because Lynne is having twins he thinks I should too. Keep wishing kid. 
End of Week 9-
I'm so ready for this nausea to go away! I'm grumpy at night because I don't feel good. I made dinner today for the first time in 3+ weeks. I wish I was kidding. I really don't know the last meal I made at home... We were out of town for 10 days. Today I made a crockpot Chili at noon and when I had some energy so by the time 5:00pm came around I was useless dinner was ready. I think this will be a trend for a while. I am sick of eating out. Tonight I was telling Peyton that with her I craved whole milk she thought that was so funny. I explained right now I don't like food very much I do crave fruit. The kids have already started sharing with the baby. They will give me food and tonight they sang the baby a song while I laid in bed waiting for my medicine to kick in.

I have to give Mike a shout out he has put the kids in bed every night for a while now and I couldn't have done a trip with out him. He gets the kids dressed and fed and ready to go while I eat because thats the first thing I have to do in the mornings to feel better. This is getting long winded. Until next time.

Week #10
I asked one of my bffs Kristen Tesch to be my Doula. I am planning on having a natural birth and will love having the support. She was there for Houston's birth and it was fun having her. I was telling her how by now I got to hear the baby's heart beat with Pey and Hou and am kind of nervous with having to wait till 13 weeks for Dr. J  Her mom is a Midwife and lives close she invited us over and we got to hear Baby H's heartbeat! It took a minute it was low and in the back, but after some digging she found it. What a sweet moment. I love it. I think after feeling so sick all the time I needed that to remind me that this is worth it.

Week #11
I had my intake apt at the doctors where they need some blood work. I didn't think it was going to be this apt so I put my big girl pants on and did it by my self. I didn't watch which helped because normally I get light headed. I posted a pic on my public Instagram and then the texts and messages came in. I knew I was not vague enough... I then announced to the world. Which is good because now I don't have to pretend I feel better than I do. I think my morning sickness is getting worse if that's even possible at this point. Around 2:00 I'm done for. My kids play and watch T.V. I feel like a bad mom for not being able to entertain them, but I just physically can't. I'm sick of laying in bed feeling like this, but I am grateful I am able to be pregnant. At this moment it feels like i've been sick forever and I hope and pray it goes away sooner than later.
I woke up from a dream with me sitting in raspberry patch and cherry trees surrounding me. I couldn't eat enough of them. It's safe to say I'm still craving fruit :)
Peyton asks me almost everyday what size the baby is. I found out she has been telling her School, and Dance teachers. She often gives me a hug and asks questions about the baby. I almost wish I would have gotten pregnant soon with how sweet and excited she is being.
Mike has been the best support I could ask for. He cleans and plays with the kids and gets them ready for bed while I just lay here trying to distract myself. Thanks babe for everything you do.

Week #12 and Week #13
I mowed the lawn today, I had the energy to do something and I wanted to be out enjoying the sunshine. After I started I realized it was going to be harder than I thought, but it went great. I got this email yesterday that told me now that I have reached the 2nd Trimester my morning sickness should subside. YA RIGHT! I woke up this morning heading to the kitchen because eating makes me feel better in the mornings, but not today. It was a rough morning... My kids are so cute they were so concerned, Mike was still home so he got them fed while I laid in bed trying to eat.
I still get sick around 3:00 in the afternoon. I'd say somedays are not as bad, but are still not great. I'm such a debbie downer in my posts, but I guess my life has just been a blur of sickness for the past 7 weeks. I'm over it.

How far along are you? 14 weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: Up 10, I've been up this much for a while... 
Maternity clothes? Yes, everything got bigger way way faster. 
Sleep: My back keeps me up a lot. I do go. To bed a lot earlier though. 
Best Moment this week: Pedicure with my mom 
Movement: Defiantly feeling flutters
Food Cravings: Watermelon, mainly all fruits and Milk of course
Gender: I think it's a girl
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button: Innie
What I miss: Feeling good and working out
What I am looking forward to: feeling the baby kick
Weekly Wisdom: 

How far along?: 20 weeks 
Total weight gain: ha ha ha yeah I'm not going to post that.... Let's just say this baby is more like Peyton's pregnancy. I was up 10lbs by 10 weeks and I'm not joking. 
Maternity clothes: Oh yes, everything got bigger much faster. 
Best moment of the week: Considering on my way to Spain for a baby moon I'd say that. Maybe running 2 miles. I am still getting sick every few days, but I had one day I felt good. 
Food cravings: Doritos, and ice cream, but I'm avoiding sugar and dairy I think it makes me more sick. 
Labor signs: none
Belly button in or out: In
What I am looking forward to: Nausea to go away. 
Milestones: Halfway 
Realization of the week: I need to get a bunk bed for Pey and Hou unless I'm going to put Peyton's room in the basement. I think she's a little too young. 

Week 14 to 20
I have been sick and that is why I have been MIA. Mike took me to Spain at #20 weeks for a wonderful baby moon. I was sick 4 of the 6 days which was kind of a bummer, but it was still an amazing trip. I loved the beach and pool days. He loved the sight seeing days.

Week #21
We got to see baby "Mickey" today that is what my family is calling the baby because we decided to not find out the gender. If you put Mike and Nikki together it sounds like Mickey. :)
It was so fun going to the ultra sound that kids liked it for the first 20 minutes, but got bored after that. The baby was kind of stuffed in there with not much room. The ultra sound tec had us look away 15 to 20 times to not find out the gender. That was extremely difficult I didn't think it would be that hard and Mike and I way under estimated how many times we would have to look away. The baby is healthy and measuring 9 days ahead and so is my stomach measurement, but the doctor said he doesn't move due dates unless its more than 2 weeks. Mike and I have both thought girl until this apt. With how obvious the gender is it must be a boy. Who knows though. I got pretty nauseated laying there being poked and prodded. I'm hoping the morning sickness is almost over.

Week #26
Lynne had the TWINS!!! I can't get enough of them. They are so cute I wish I had little babies. They are both 5 lbs and healthy. She was a champ and her epidural ran out and she labored and delivered unmedicated. I got to be in the room while she labored it was neat. It makes me hopeful for a natural birth.

Week #30
I'm having a lot of Braxton hicks and sadly symphysis pubis dysfunction. Which means the natural chemical release of relaxin has come early and my hips have separated early. Basically it feels like the babys head grinding on my pubic bones. It hurts so bad. I don't walk around very much. I was hoping because the kids start school next week that I could 
go to the gym and walk, but right now that is the last thing I want to do. 

How far along?: 32 Weeks 
Total weight gain: more than I was hoping and I still have 8 weeks to go.....
Maternity clothes: That's all I wear now.
Best moment of the week: School starting which means more time for nesting. 
Food cravings: Kid Food and Ice cream really everything now that I don't get sick as often!
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks and 
Belly button in or out: Out
What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender and meeting this babe. 
Milestones: Not being sick all the time. 
Realization of the week: I feel like I have sooo long to go. Once September comes I think that will help to say "Only one month left." 

Week #34
It has been a while, thankfully I haven't really gotten sick any more. For a while after I would have sugar at night in the mornings I wouldn't feel good, but other than that i've been okay. Which probably why i've gain a lot of weight and the lack of exercise due to the pelvic pain. I have been nesting hard core though. I made a checklist of things I want to get done before the baby is here. There is about 27 things on my list... I also painted the nursery and put up the crib and painted the dresser and am in the middle of making the feather mobile. It is starting to come together :) Now to be patient for the next 6 weeks and work on my list.

Week #35
Mikes work threw me and a couple other wives due soon a baby shower. It was so sweet. I haven't bought any clothes yet and getting some things for the baby made me even more excited. It was a lot of fun. The Braxton hicks are still coming on strong everyday. Right now I have a head cold which is not fun at all. Especially since Sharolee had her baby and I want to go see him and snuggle him, but I can't just yet.
I got to meet Ronen and he is adorable! Oh this made me that much more excited for my own. These babies are going to grow up together and have so much fun.

Week #36
Mike was gone for 10 days and I got out all of the clothes from 0-6 months for both genders. I had no idea how much work that was going to be.... There have been 2 days that have been extremely hard not knowing the gender and today was one and the ultrasound day was the other. A lot of the clothes had a gross yellow stain on them. After doing some research I found out even if you put them away clean the protein in the milk can stain them over time. Pinterest to the rescue! I learned if you soak them in Oxyclean for 10 hours it will remove the stain and even brighten the clothes. I put all of the girl ones in the kids bath and all of the boy and gender neutral ones in our bath. 10 hours later after a wash and dry they were ready to fold. I was amazed with how well it worked. I only had to throw out a few shirts.

Week #37
I went to the doctor and I was a 1 maybe a 2 and 50% effaced. Which doesn't really mean a whole lot in my case considering I was a 3 with Pey and 4 with Hou when I went in to be induced with them. I have hit the stage of swollen everything. My feet and face are the most swollen. I could be drinking more water. I crave Dr. Pepper and sugar. I'm trying to stick with fruit rather than ice cream or candy, but it's not really working. I was a little bummed to see scale this week so I decided after this I might not look any more...

Week #38
On Sunday I went for a long uphill walk with my MIL and it was hard and hot. At the top I had 3 really good strong contractions. I was hopeful things were kicking in to gear. I got home and made soup and dessert for Lynne's baby blessings. I continued to have a few small contractions through out the evening, but sadly they went away. I did sleep great that night so I guess that's good. I was hoping to have this baby on 10/10 but that has come and gone. I tried everything... (besides castor oil) to go into labor. More long walks, hot baths, acupuncture, Raspberry Leaf Tea, Evening Primrose Oil, a lot of Pineapple and more.  I've decided to just let me body decide and stop actively trying, my lucky number is 23 and I think that would be another great day. Sometimes the Braxton hicks get really strong and it makes me excited, but then they just go away. For now i'm going to enjoy the time I have with Pey and Hou and the nice weather. I am done and ready to not be pregnant and to meet this baby. It's exciting not knowing the gender and I'm ready to know, but the baby will come when the babe is ready. :)
This is a picture of Mike and the kids telling the baby that we are ready to meet him or her.

Week #39
Today I fell down my garage stairs. I feel so stupid, I have no clue how it happened I just remember falling and catching myself on my side on ground. I got up and immediately had a really strong contraction. It went away I drove to my moms and I felt completely fine. I called the doctor at my moms and they told me to go to Labor and Delivery for monitoring even though baby was moving good and I felt fine. I called Mike on my way to the hospital and he met me there. The baby was doing great and was very active. It was so fun seeing the baby move so much. They kept me for about 3 hours just to watch my contractions. It is common for women to go into labor after a fall. I had 3 or 4 really strong contractions and a ton of little ones while I was there, but they sent me home.

Today I had my doctor apt. he stripped me and it caused a lot of back aches and nausea, but no baby. I was miserable for a couple of days. It got my hopes up, but no baby.

The nursery is pretty much ready, I painted it gray and set up the crib. Mike made me these Teepee which I am in love with. Not knowing gender I went with a Aztec theme and Mint. My dad let me borrow my grandpas Bison skull with a really cool painting on it. I need a few things, but i'm waiting until I know if I should up coral or dark blue.

Week #40 DUE DATE
I asked Mike what do you think I am dilated to today? He said a 4 and I said a 3. I was kind of expecting to go into labor with it being my due date and all. He checked me and said a 1 maybe a 2.... He said he couldn't strip me because the baby had moved back up and there was a lot of fluid around the head and it's floating. I was pretty bummed with all of this information. I got in the car and had a pretty good cry. I needed it. I felt a lot better after. I feel like i've been pregnant forever.

Week #40.5+
Today I got to meet baby Charley! My SIL Whitney had her baby today. She is so cute! Yes Whitney was due after me. While leaving the hospital the staff asked if I was being discharged... I laughed and said no I'm 5 days ever due. They apologized and I just told them its ok it's kind of funny.


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