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Tender Mercies

This story begins a week ago on Wednesday July 19th 2013.
I woke up and got out of bed I saw to my suprise one of two bands I had just gotten from Mike the previous month. I realized I slept in my ring and sometimes in the summer my fingers swell I must have taken off in the middle of the night. I immediately asked my two year old, Peyton where are my wedding rings? She said In the toilet and ran to her bathroom. She looked in her toilet then looked at me and said Oh NO! I asked her again Peyton where is my wedding rings? She look at me and said "In the drawer?" Then proceeded to say in her bed. At this point I figured she had taken them to her room. I deep cleaned her room for the next two days.
Friday morning I had my husband call Lehi City because I was too emotional to even talk about it. They were closed! I cleaned and cleaned some more searching my room her bathroom etc. My husband took of the toilet to see if they were in the trap. No Luck. I was giving up. He called…