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M,N,P,H and K

Time sure is just flying right by I wish Pey would get just a little bit older and I wish Houston would stay a baby for ever. I can't believe he's 8 mo old!

I have the perfect baby. It's true, I love him so very much. He just cuddles me all day long. I want to hold him for ever!
He is quite the tank, he absolutely loves food. If I make him a bottle and I am eating regular food he won't take his bottle. I have to feed him then eat if its something he can't have yet. He loves crackers especially Chicken in a biscuit  He also loves bannans... I despise this food, but because I love that little guy I buy fresh bannas and pure them for him. He goes crazy for this. He grunts and snorts when he eats them because he loves them so much. He is super lazy, he doesn't like holding his bottle. I have to tease him for a second to get him to hold it. If not I end up holding it. He does a army worm crawl thing everywhere though. I guess lazy isn't the right word because he…