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Chrismas 2012

I still have a stack of these on my counter I never send out... So here ya go ;)

Fall and Winter 2012

I have not updated in a really long time and what is going on in our home! Just goes to show you how busy I am with two!

We had a few friends over that night, but I took Peyton around the neighborhood with one of her ward friends Hayden.
She was a pony and the cutest pony i've ever seen. I loved the way her tail moved when she walked. All she wanted was suckers and you bet she sure got them!

25th Birthday
A quarter century wow i'm old! ;) Mike surprised me with a trip to Disneyland and if you know me that is a the best present this girl could ask for! Spoiled.... I know.

We went to Laughlin with Mikes parents to see where Nanny lives! We met up with some cousins and our Aunt and Uncle McMilian. We had a blast! We ventured out to route 66 and they had a lot of CARS souvenirs  It was like cars land, but in real life. There wer're also a ton of burrors that we're just roamin' the streets. Peyton did amazingly well on the car ride. She especiall…