Friday, November 1, 2013

Thankful Day 1

Today I am grateful that I got to wake up to this face.
This is the first thing I saw this morning. She said "Dad let me borrow it." I knew it was the one he left up high for himself for later. 
Peyton is extremely independent she likes things done her way. I wonder who she gets it from :) 
She is so energetic the only time she holds still is to sleep.

I'm lucky to call her mine and so thankful I can. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Houston is ONE!

At Houston's one year check up he was in the 100th percentile for height and 50th for weight which is almost exactly like Peyton  It is fun to compare these two and see how different they are.

* He says Hi to everyone whether they notice it or not. Every morning when I go to get him out of his crib. I open the door and he is standing there and says "HI". He also says Thank You, Mama, Dada, Uh Oh, No, Ball, Balloon. We are working on Kilo, it sounds like KKKKK. I'm trying to teach him Peyton, but he just laughs every time I point to her and say her name. He mimics a lot of her sounds. If Peyton screams Houston screams. If Peyton sings Houston attempts. If Peyton growls Houston growls.

* He is walking all over the place! He actually started walking a few weeks before his birthday. I was hoping he would be a late walker, I guess if you compare him to Peyton he was ;)

* He has 8 teeth, four on the top and four on the bottom. I really don't like teething.

* H has to be held all the time. He is such a mommies boy, which is something I wanted because Peyton is so independent. I do wish I had my space sometimes.

* Houston loves being outside he gets mad when we come inside. He is all BOY. Houston loves playing in the dirt and using dads tools.

It is crazy to me how different he is from his sister. Then at the same time how much alike they are. He is somewhat calmer, but as he gets older I think we are getting out of that stage.

Peyton and Houston are already playing so well together. I am actually writing this while they are playing in the toy room, it's quite comical. I'll have to get a video of it. They both don't like sharing and they both want the toy each other has at times which can create a fight.
At my parents there is a brown blanket that they wrestle over. Houston is usually just tormenting Peyton. He can hold his own most of the time. He is a thick solid boy, he is very tough which I give credit to Peyton because she gets really rough with him.

Excuse the mess they like to take EVERYTHING out of the toy box. Yes they stripped of their PJs down to their skivvies.
 Peyton reading to Houston while I blog.

Houston's First Birthday was on a Saturday, that day we cleaned up the yard and hung out just us four. We went to our ward BBQ and Swim. It was a perfect day with our little family.

The next day we had The Halls and The Parry's over for a BBQ in our new home. 
It was a success Mike cooked some amazing Ribs and Chicken. 

Houston loved our Traditional Cake Smash! 

Thanks to for these amazing pictures.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tender Mercies

This story begins a week ago on Wednesday July 19th 2013.
I woke up and got out of bed I saw to my suprise one of two bands I had just gotten from Mike the previous month. I realized I slept in my ring and sometimes in the summer my fingers swell I must have taken off in the middle of the night. I immediately asked my two year old, Peyton where are my wedding rings? She said In the toilet and ran to her bathroom. She looked in her toilet then looked at me and said Oh NO! I asked her again Peyton where is my wedding rings? She look at me and said "In the drawer?" Then proceeded to say in her bed. At this point I figured she had taken them to her room. I deep cleaned her room for the next two days.
Friday morning I had my husband call Lehi City because I was too emotional to even talk about it. They were closed! I cleaned and cleaned some more searching my room her bathroom etc. My husband took of the toilet to see if they were in the trap. No Luck. I was giving up. He called Lehi Water Tuesday Morning at 10:00. They came to my house immediately.  I decided to leave to distract my self rather than watching out my window. As I left a man stopped me and said they checked our house pipes and didn't find anything yet but that they were going to get a camera in the pipes.
I came back around 3:00pm to find two big trucks on our little side street. I asked one man if they had seen anything. He said they are going to flush clear water through because they can't see anything with the dirty water. I went inside and put my kids down for a nap. I decided to go back out side and see if I could use my water. I didn't want to do anything to mess up what they were doing. As I asked one man if I could shower I hear from in the truck "Hey I think I found it." My heart stopped. They let me go in the truck to identify. Sure enough there it was sitting in grit and grime. I took this picture and sent it to my husband.

The man said that is 144 feet or yard just far away from my house down this pipe. He said that is far away from this man hole. He was concerned about how we were going to get it out of this small pipe.  He said I wonder where the next outlet or hole is I don't remember the terminology. He pulled the camera up and 2 feet away was the opening to the water main. Which was great news! It was clear down at the end of my street.  He said we might just be able to put our hand in there and pull it out. He climbed down and had a metal tool and pulled it out. I was able to see that it was 2 feet away from being lost forever. It was also just where it need to be to reach in a grab it. Can you say miracle?
He brought it to me covered in filth, but I didn't care. I didn't know what to say all I could do was cry. 
I said I would hug you but I just got done working out. How can I ever thank you. He just said a' thanks is all I need." I took it home and let it soak in bleach. 

I figured my other band was lost for good. It was lighter and probably made that extra two feet into the main. 
I got in the shower and said a Thank You prayer to my Father in Heaven who led these men. I got out of the shower and called my mom to tell her they found my engament ring. When I was on the phone with her something caught the corner of my eye. It was my band. At first glance I thought some how I had dropped the first one and then I realized this was my SECOND band! I immidately began to cry. I know I looked in the spot 50 times and same with my husband. I can't tell you how happy I am. I really can't describe this whole experience with out tearing up. I know my Heavenly Father had a hand in this. Not only my prayers, but a lot f my friends and families prayers were answered. Thank you guys for praying for something so materialistic. 

I can't thank Lehi Water and Wastewater Department enough! I was able to drop a little thank you off today. I hope they know how appreciative I am of them. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coast to Coast

It started about 8 months ago when I got this crazy idea to train and run a half marathon. I booked the Tinkerbell half at Disneyland. I had Houston and the training process began 6 weeks later. I started by walking and walking and walking. It was so hard to just walk a mile. I remember how hard the first 2 weeks were, I wanted to give up. I continued on and walked a lap then jogged a lap. Eventually I was only walking every now and then. Having a newborn and a 2 year old is not easy to train with. I would put one of them in the gym day care and push the other in the stroller. Depending on who I need a little break from. :) I trained using Hal Higgons training as much as I could. I got up to 9 miles and was suppose to run 11, but when it came time I just didn't want to run that in Florida. Oh ya you don't know why I was in Florida. Let me explain!

I joined ItWorks a month or two after I booked my run. I later found out as I trained that ItWorks was having a conference the same weekend of my half.... Here is how my week went.

The week before I got called to be the advisor in the Y.W. I taught the new ciriculum on the 12th. Clean my house and did laundry for me and Houston and Peyton oh and packed all of us! I also booked and bridal expo of this weekend. I got everything ready for some of my team members to do that. The night before I was at a skinny wrap party and when I got home I realized I still need to pack a little bit more. I was anxious and could't sleep. Michelle picked me up at 5:00 so I was running on 3 hours of sleep. After a few stressful moments we eventually made it to Florida!! I

Florida: It was warm and amazing!! We stayed in a few different hotels around Tampa. We went swimming and laid out in the nice sun by the pool while playing family feud on our phones. It was nice to just get away. We ate some amazing food too. After playing for a couple of days we went to the Conference. I learned so much about this business and about my self. I met some really great people too. We also ate out of a food truck and that was pretty cool. I met some of my  FL team that I have only talked to on the phone before. They are some amazing ladies who are working really hard. I was there from Tuesday to Friday night. The conference didn't end until Saturday night so sadly I had to miss the big Diamond party. I did however get to go to the cocktail party.

As I left Friday I was very sad to go, but so excited to see Mike and Peyton and go to Disneyland of course.

I got in kind of late, everyone was already in bed. The shops we're all closed. I un packed my gear and set my alarm to meet Lynne at 3:30 in front of Paradise Peir. My plan was to wake up go get a bagel or something to get food in my stomach. They said a Pretzel place would be open in Downtown Disney, but it was not! I had to meet Lynne so I did not eat... I was in a different corral then the rest of the fam. I was in B and they were in D. I eventually left them. I stretched and made sure I was warm along with the hundreds of people surrounding me. Mickey and Minne were there to start the race. It was amazing my adrenaline kicked in quickly. As we ran the Cast Memebers cheered us on at almost every turn! My favorite thing about it was running down main street. I couldn't hold back the tears. I was at a turning point in my life. I have this great job I am accomplishing a lot of personal goals and I was running down Main street one of my favorite places ever. See the Castle with hardly anyone around me was amazing. I ran all around both parks and behind the scenes I got to see where they keep the animals and things like that. Where employees clock in and all sorts of things. My next favorite part was round mile 4 I was behind the sceans when they had us come out right by King Tritons Carousel  World of Color was on and the water works started again. It was just a magical moment for me I'll never for get it. It also made me keep running. I had another adrenaline rush. Eventually we came out of the park I really didn't love running up and down a couple of hills. Then we had the long stretch. It was about mile 9 that I hit a wall. Usually when I hit a wall in training I put my head phones in and turn it to a powersong one that I know will disract me and get me going again. Sadly my headphones didn't work which meant I had NO music!! Which was awful... I continued on I wanted to walk so bad. My body kept telling me to just slow down and walk, but my stubbornness said heck no! Therefore I ran and ran and ran some more! Finally I could see mile marker 12 and I entered back in to Disneyland parking lot  I knew I was close and so I pushed it. With tears in my eyes I crossed that finish line with out walking. I met my goal. I felt so accomplished and was so proud this whole experience was a moment i'll never forget.

As I came out I felt sick and pain and exhausted  I got a massage right after which was extremely painful. I later learned that the girl shouldn't have gone that deep right after that it should have been more of a healing massage. I went up to our room and took an ice bath which was cold but AMAZING the pain was almost gone instantly.

So that was my race! As for Disneyland we stayed in the Grand Californian! It was so nice being able to stay right there so close to go in and out! Especially being so dang sore. The swimming pools the view and the ambiance of it all was amazing. It will be hard to compare this trip to any other.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

M,N,P,H and K

Time sure is just flying right by I wish Pey would get just a little bit older and I wish Houston would stay a baby for ever. I can't believe he's 8 mo old!

I have the perfect baby. It's true, I love him so very much. He just cuddles me all day long. I want to hold him for ever!
He is quite the tank, he absolutely loves food. If I make him a bottle and I am eating regular food he won't take his bottle. I have to feed him then eat if its something he can't have yet. He loves crackers especially Chicken in a biscuit  He also loves bannans... I despise this food, but because I love that little guy I buy fresh bannas and pure them for him. He goes crazy for this. He grunts and snorts when he eats them because he loves them so much. He is super lazy, he doesn't like holding his bottle. I have to tease him for a second to get him to hold it. If not I end up holding it. He does a army worm crawl thing everywhere though. I guess lazy isn't the right word because he is active. Chill is a better word, he's so content all the time as long as he's fed. Hou laughs and giggles and babbles at his sister all day long. He think she is the funniest thing ever. They are already best buds. Houstons first word was Da Da or Ba Ba. He hasn't said Ma Ma yet the little turkey. Mike and I both agree that for now I am his favorite. He gets excited when I walk in the room and it melts my heart. This is how Peyton is for Mike so it's nice to get it from him :) He had a fever a few days ago and a runny nose. I was thinking he was teethin, I guess we'll see. He has two bottom teeth that he chews on everything with. I've thrown away more toys the last month than I have in the last two years. Anything that is little is gone. Pey doesn't notice so that is good. Houston just tries to eat everything in site so I have to be careful.

Where do I start? She is one tough cookie. She is really putting me threw it, but I love her so much. She's a smarty pants. She knows her letters and the sounds they make. (thanks Ipad app) She is finally leveling off in her height I think. I guess she does wear some 3T so maybe not. She has her own little attitude. She is the queen of the house. She hates it when I buckle her in her car seat. She is always asking me "I don't have to buckle?" she also hates it when we close her door at  night. She says "Don't shut my door" I always make her ask me nicely so its "Don't shut my door, please." Then of course when she falls asleep we go and shut it. She has to sleep with her "pillow and her blankey". Which is a pillow pet and a blanket from when she was a newborn. She also likes to steal her brothers blankets and asks me if she can sleep with his. Their rooms are right next to each other and last week when Hou wasn't feeling good he'd wake up in the middle of the night and Peyton would wake up to Houston so I had two fussy kids I had to deal with at 3am. Good think Mike would take one and I'd take the other. I usually choose Houston because he's lighter. Peytons current favorite color is Pink, but it changes everyday usually its pink though. She loves Tangled still. She really loves coloring and playing outside. Pey loves her Disney though. I asked her where she wanted to eat the other day usually she says Taco Amigo, but every now and then she says Disneyland. :) She loves dance and is in a class, she sings the song more than does the dance for it though. She takes after her daddy on that one. I was a dancer and he was a singer.  She is very polite she always thanks me doing things for her. We went to Chinese last night and as we were walking out to the car she said "Thank you for dinner" about ten times. It was precious  She is quite the little ball of energy that I can't keep up with, but we do love her.

As for me well I'm doing just great. It Works has really taken off!! I am so blessed and so grateful. I love the company and the products and my team. If I'm not skinny wrapping people I'm home or doing mom things. I haven't had time to blog as much as I'd like, but thats a something I'll take to be debt free by the time I'm 30. Yup thats one of my goals. We are actually going to move to something a little more spacious  I'm ready for an office and a guest room and we just don't have those any more. I have a lot of specifications hopefully this summer we can find something to my liking. The good thing is that Mike has a lot of the same ideas as me. I have a good list of things I want in the next house starting with a gas stove and ending with a putting green. ;) I really can't believe its even an option for us to move back to PG or Lindon. I want to go back home. I miss it there. Well enough about moving and house and all of that. I ran my half in Januray in Disneyland thats another post I'll do tomorrow when I have some time. I haven't worked out since no wait once I ran a mile last week and that nearly killed me.... its funny how I trained for 13 then two months later I can barely run 1. Crap. I have a good excuse though I had some MAJOR back issues. Around Valentines my back was giving me heck. I could barely walk one night I just cried on the floor in pain. Luckily we had a muscle relaxer that got me through. I went to a back specialist and he X-rayed me. I knew I had compressed vertebras from my car accident, but he didn't X-Ray my upper back where those are. He did my lower and come to find out I have sculiosis and possibly and herniated or bulging disk. I need and MRI. I just haven't went and got one.... Who has time for that. I really should, especially if I want to get better. Lifting Pey and Hou is really taking a toll on me. I am slouching more and more each day and I hate it, but I really don't want to get a rod. I love sports too much. I'm hoping physical therapy, massage and chiropractic can help.
I can't wait for summer, I am excited for bbqing, moving, traveling, golfing, going to the pool, long boarding, boating and all that fun stuff. I'm ready for it to be here now!!

Mike is still working at SolutionSteam which he loves. I keep trying to convince him to quite and be a stay at home dad. No such luck, YET! He loves design and the people he works with. He also thinks he'd go crazy staying home. I think he's right and I might go crazy too. It would be nice though to have him around. I'm not sure we'd get much done though. Mike is such a good dad, Peyton loves him so much. More than anyone or anything. As soon as that guarage door opens at 5:20ish she jumps up and runs over to him. I went out to get something from the car once  and it was about 5PM she comes running over yelling Dad Dad Dad. She wasn't too happy just to see me. I was like OH so thats what it feels like to be missed by you :) Ah i'm just kidding. She loves me, we we're on a play date with some friends and Peyton told the other little kids that I was her best friend. I teared up it was the CUTEST thing ever, Okay back to Mike. He makes me laugh so much. He keeps telling me we need the newest geek toy on the market. He has been setting up his dream TV situation.... I keep coming home to new gadgets and gizmos a plenty. He loves it though so I love it too I guess. I am now falling asleep and he is out like a light next to me so I should probably hit the hay.

ps. Kilo
He's still here, that is another big reason for a new home. He will be an ouside pup I'm sick of vacuuming and sweeping everyday. I love him, he's such a good dog. I feel so safe when Mike is gone late a movie or something. He is like Pey and full of energy. Camping this year will be interesting.

Sorry it took so long. I'll try to get the Disney posts up tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Houston's 6 Months

Houston is now 6 months old can you believe it? I sure can't. He is a chunky monkey! At this 6 month appointment he was in the 90th for length and 85 for weight.

* Rolls over and over and over
* Up on all fours rockin away and trying to crawl
* Almost holding his bottle, but spoon feeding is a breeze. Opens his mouth and swallows great. (opposite of Pey she held her bottle early, but couldn't quite get the spoon)
* Has TWO teeth already!
* He was sleeping though the night until last week when he started teething and now i'm trying to get him back on track.
* Falls asleep on my shoulder and loves to cuddle. Peyton would arch her back when I'd try to hold her like that.

This little man is such a blessing in our life, he's everything I prayed for and so much more. He is calm, happy and healthy. He is a my boy, a mommas boy through and through. He snuggles and cuddles and giggles all day long. I can't get enough of his laugh.
He eats a ton! He absolutely loves baby food, well any type of food at that matter. I really hate how fast they grow up. I do wish Peyton would grow up a little faster and get out of this terrible twos.

We went to the Grizzlys Ice Hockey game and Lynne got an Icee oh and Houston thought it was his.

Sunday naps
He just giggles at Kilo all day long

Can't get enough of this smile.

 Up on all fours rockin away!
Bouncing Baby Boy

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chrismas 2012

I still have a stack of these on my counter I never send out... So here ya go ;) 

Fall and Winter 2012

I have not updated in a really long time and what is going on in our home! Just goes to show you how busy I am with two!

We had a few friends over that night, but I took Peyton around the neighborhood with one of her ward friends Hayden.
She was a pony and the cutest pony i've ever seen. I loved the way her tail moved when she walked. All she wanted was suckers and you bet she sure got them!

25th Birthday
A quarter century wow i'm old! ;) Mike surprised me with a trip to Disneyland and if you know me that is a the best present this girl could ask for! Spoiled.... I know.

We went to Laughlin with Mikes parents to see where Nanny lives! We met up with some cousins and our Aunt and Uncle McMilian. We had a blast! We ventured out to route 66 and they had a lot of CARS souvenirs  It was like cars land, but in real life. There wer're also a ton of burrors that we're just roamin' the streets. Peyton did amazingly well on the car ride. She especially loved riding with Papa and Mimi since they have a TV in their car. (mental note, get one installed)

2nd Birthday
Our little princess is 2! I can't believe it, it shockes me to even say it. She has been obsessed with Monsters Inc. for a little while now and the realsed Monsters in 3D on her birthday. Perfect! We had some family and friends over for a bit then went to her movie she loved it. She didn't keep her glasses on the whole time, but she still like it.

I cannot believe how much fun it was to have Peyton there. It make Christmas so much fun, all she wanted to do was un-wrap presents! She didn't take the time to even look at the gift and just moved on to the next box. :)

New Years
Was awful this has been by far the hardest week of my life. These kids are so very sick and being a mom is really hard with two sick kids. I took them to the doctor on NYE and he said they have bronchitis, something about RSV and how they can't take anything except but a little pain reliever  I was hoping for some antibiotic, but no. They are still sick and I'm about the scream. We bought a diffuser and a humidifier which seem to help them sleep. When they are awake I am constantly suctioning their noses. I attempted to go to the store and nearly left in tears. They we're both coughing and crying it was absolutely the worst day of being a parent. I don't care who argues with me being a mom can be the hardest thing ever sometimes. I am not one to complain, but this is hard. I'm ready for it to be over. I guess they got it from and adult and for them its just a common cold, but for babies it is much worse.
I am bored out of my mind staying home, I'm suppose to be training for a half marathon and running every day, well I haven't ran once. I miss it. I have got a lot of online shopping done, there are some great after Christmas sales going on. My house is clean and i've watched Tangled 500 times (peytons new obsession) Any way they are both asleep and should be waking up soon. Here's to a happy healthy New Year...