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18 and 19 Months

18 Months, NURSERY!
I got a new calling (2nd Counselor in the Primary) the same day Peyton was officially in nursery. I guest that means no Sunday School and Relief Society for me :( I am really excited to be in Primary again with all of the kids and to hear their funny comments. Oh how I missed those comments!

Peyton goes to nursery great! They say when ever someone opens the door she says Ma Ma Ma Ma for a little, but then goes right back to playing.

She had her 18 month appointment a few days ago. She weighs 22.4 lbs and is 32 inches tall! Down 2 lbs from her 13 month. He didn't think they entered that in right, but they might have. She is super active and is always running around. The doctor showed me her chart and she is still OFF of it. I had to laugh she has been this way since birth.
He asked me how many words does she know? I sat there for a second trying to come up with a number. He said like 10? At least 20? I was like oh yes she knows over 100. He was shocked and said…

37, 38 Weeks

37 Weeks
I'm up another 3 pounds in 1 week... Still haven't hit the big 200 though! I am still the same not effaced and nearly a 1. I have had some painful contractions the last few days, but only a couple. My ribs are so bruised he just loves to kicked them. It hurts so bad, Peyton was the same way. I'd really like him to drop, but there is no sign of that happening soon. Keep walking is what my doctor said, but even that hurts to do.

38.3 Weeks
Yes people only 4 days till I get induced! I went to the doctor today and I expected to still not be effaced and only a 1. I am at a 3+ I thought he said 3.5, but Mike said he said +. And he also said the baby is dropped and effaced. I wish I would have asked him the percent, but I was distracted about being dilated! Also I'm up another 2 pounds :)
I also forgot to ask him to strip me, we started talking about the hospital and when I'd go in and things like that I forgot a lot of things.

My mom and I went shopping for mor…