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34, 35, 36 Weeks

34 Weeks
Love my wonderful back... NOT, it hurts and aches all the time. the heat is going to kill me if allergies don't.
I will never be this pregnant again over the summer! The heat is killing me, I have to shower at least two times a day to cool down. I drink water I feel like non stop and i'm still swelling... OH and weddings.  I have been pregnant for SO many weddings. I am kind of done with that. I went to a dress fitting yesterday for my bridesmaids dress remember the one where the girl made me feel amazing. Well  they wanted me to try it on. 4 to 9 month jump in the belly is a big jump. It was really quite embarrassing. I am excited to go back a week after Houston comes because I won't be HUGE. Still blubbery and chunky, but not like I am now :)

35 Weeks
I went to Doctor C today, nothing exciting yet. We did confirm Friday the 3rd though. I will know a lot more at my next apt they are now weekly and are going to be not so fun if you know what I mean... I did gain 4 lbs…