Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30, 31, 32 and 33 Weeks

30 Weeks
It's JUNE people! Which means only 2 months months to go. I really want this summer to be long and slow, but at the same time I want it to be August now!
My goal of staying under 200 lbs is still looking pretty good. Although Carvers custard in AF might say other wise ;) My cravings are still sweets especially Ice Cream! A few days ago I had some acid reflux starting so I got back on the water train and it has gone away. 
I've been going to the Splash Pad and it seems everyone is preggo so I don't feel so bad sporting the swimsuit.
Peyton has been in this new little habit of dumping out things which I hate! Bending over has now become a joke. She also loves sitting on my lap when I'm sitting down and I've been trying to tell her there is a baby in my belly, but I don't think she gets it. 
Houston is now 3 lbs today and a pretty good kicker. I just hope he doesn't go up in my ribs like Pey did oh that was so painful. 
I've been trying to decided on if I should have a shower open house thing. I think i'm going to forego that, July is just super busy for everyone. I hope I don't regret it in the future.

31 Weeks
Last night I was in a lot of pain. I think the pain hurt worse than the labor contractions I had with Pey. It was on the right low side of my belly and it would come and go, but it wasn't a contraction. I think it was more sciatica nerve and muscle stuff and I felt like the baby was moving a lot so maybe he turned head down. I don't know, but I called my doctor and after a few questions he wasn't worried so I am not worried I just hope it doesn't happen again because that was about two hours of death for me.

32 Weeks
I went to the doctor today, it was pretty un eventful. I'm down to my two week appointments, I still weigh the same as last apt. I think i'm evening out from the 16 I gained in one month, two months ago.  This sciatic nerver and round ligament pain is killing me. I am trying to distract my self right now and I have to keep switching positions and it's not working. Contractions were cake compared to this. It makes me think I could go natural, but then I ask my self why would I do that? Peyton's labor was easy peasy other than the heart rate drop for a second. I am hoping that Houey Baby will be just nice.
The plan is still for the 3rd which means we are 7 weeks away from welcoming this little boy into our home. I need to finish his nursery! It is coming together so nicely, but defiantly not finished.
I was reading Peyton's 31 week post and I wrote down a few things I want to remember so I think I'll do it again.

Hiccups: Now that I think about it I haven't felt any that I've noticed.

Shifting: Same with Peyton my whole belly will just move directions.

Schedule: I feel him a lot before I go to bed, but I haven't really kept track durring the day. I'm not sitting in a chair all day long either. I am chasing after an 18 month old lady!

Braxton Hicks: Now this is new I feel these ALL THE TIME! My stomach contracts so much! It never hurts, but they happen a few times a day. I made my SIL feel one last week my stomach just hardens up like I'm flexing.

Round Ligament Pain: Well I'm fighting back the tears right now if that tells you how bad it hurts.

Heart Burn/ Acid Reflux: I only get it if I eat something spicey or right before I got to bed. It's not too bad. I hid the Tums from Pey because she wanted them and kept calling them candy. I woke up at 2AM last night with round ligament pain and acid reflux and I couldn't find the darn things....

Working Out: I walk a lot, I am doing the Strawberry Days 5k mainly for the shirt :) I did sign up for my first half marathon in Jan. It has been paid for so I am committed! I stopped lifting a few weeks ago I will try and ease back into that this week. Swimming is great as well it's not much of a work out because I'm usually sitting there watching Pey, but it keeps me cool.

33 Weeks
I have had some pressure and pain when I lift my legs like to put on pants or walk up stairs. I thought maybe he is head down. The doctor confirmed my suspicions today that he is in fact  head down! No wonder I have been feeling him up in my ribs a little more and all of this lower pressure. He was surprised that he is already head down. Pey didn't turn head down until 37 weeks. I am trying to get my hopes on on this meaning anything, but I can't help it. Everyone keeps saying he's coming before I get induced, but he has to stay in there until midnight on the 26th I've got tickets to Wicked! :) I won't complain if he does come earlier though. The heart beat was good and i'm measuring 33 inches. He said my weight is the same, but good so no worries there.