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Mothers Day and Memorial Day

Mothers Day
Saturday we went and got my favorite breakfast Kneaders French Toast!

Somehow I manage to weasel my presents out of Mike early and I did it again! One of my bffs got married a few days before Mothers Day. She wanted us all in pearls for her wedding. I didn't have any and figured I'd borrow my moms because she is a pearl queen. I spaced picking these up and realized I didn't have pearls the night before the wedding. I told Mike I have to wake up an hour early to go get them in PG. He poked his head around the corner and looked at me and said "NIKKI ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I thought he was mad, so I explained that he could stay and sleep and i'd pick him up on my way back. I thought he was upset about my forgetfulness which was weird because Mike never gets mad at me so I was worried. After a few huffs and puffs he says do you want one of your Mothers Day presents early? I just start laughing and said "you didn't!?" We both had a good laugh…

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

The last few weeks have been pretty wonderful. I can feel my self maturing is that weird?  Maybe not maturing, but changing. I feel like this happened when Peyton was born too. I can feel my testimony growing. I know it is constantly growing, but sometimes I can really feel it.

Sharolee and I went to Womens conference at BYU. We heard some amazing speakers and I'm really glad I took notes. I'm not going to share all of it with you, but here are a two classes. You can see how different the range of education is. What a fun day to spend with my SIL and to learn more about Family, The Gosple, Relationships and Love.

* One class we went to was about healthy eating and eating a home more. It is very import for the family to eat dinner together. Not only will it save you month, it's heathier, but when you kids are older they are less likely to get into trouble and confide in you more.
*Another class was about trust and relationships. He talked about Johari's Window. Mike an…