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I miss you

I miss you everyday. It has been a year since you left this world so sudden and so sadly. I wish things weren't this way and that I could go back and make everything right. I hope you know now that you were not as alone as you thought.  I wish I could have shown you all of the people who love you.

Every time I hear 311 I think of all the fun times we had. You were a wonderful person with the greatest smile. May God be with you till we meet again. I love you my dear friend.  CJM May 16, 1987- April 25, 2011
Dashboard Confessional It's been a year now, since you were here now
And I've been trying to heal inside
Dedications have all been placed
And I see your resemblance in my face
And on our birthday I said an extra wish for you, for you

And I have learned so much since you've been gone
And I have done so little for so long
So now I'll settle up these grievances and focus on the savory
And wave all these discrepancies away
And I'll peter out these misconceptions, …