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15, 16, 17 and 18 Weeks

Houston Michael Hall
is the name we have chosen. Mike really loves it, Houston is his late Grandfathers name and some called him Huey baby. I know I've had a few others growing up, but I picked Peyton and it's only fair daddy gets to pick his little boys name.

15 Weeks
I have woke up the past few nights feeling nauseas and also again in the mornings. I have to force my self to eat because once I do two things can happen. Most of the time I feel A LOT better. Sometimes it all comes back up.
I am working out (slow jogging, mostly walking and some lifting) almost everyday which feels great I think it is helping me sleep better and give me more energy during the day. I didn't start walking with Peyton until I was 8, 9 months along there was no way I could have done that with her.  I am still weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Peyton, but my pants are so much tighter. I am defiantly showing a lot faster with Houston. I am not as worried about gaining weight this pr…