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13 and 14 Months

Jan. 2012 1 year and 1 Month She has finally mastered sucking through a straw. She had a lot of fun with Mi Mi while we were on our cruise. She did get sick and Mi Mi took her to the doctor. My doctor told her not to tell me till we got back. HA! He knows me too well. She is saying so many words. She has started throwing more little fits when she doesn't want to do something. Pey loves to give escamo kisses and hugs. She always grabs my phone and puts it up to her ear and says HI. Uh oh I know 1 going on 16.... We attempted a french braid and it was an epic fail. 1. I have no idea how to french braid. Mind you I grew up with boys! 2. She would not sit still. Thank goodness for friends with girls,Youtube and Pinterest I'd be lost with out them. Books are still her favorite thing besides Kilo which is by far her favorite word. She loves kids! She just sits and stares and laughs at them when we have our mommy dates at Chick-fil-a. I hate taking her to the store even thought it is one of he…