3. Describe your relationship with your parents.

Growing up I was a really good kid till about eleventh grade. I decided to give my parents a hard time and be a teenager. I didn't mature until after my car accident....

I think the hard times made our relationship stronger and what it is today. I respect my parents so much and think all the time about how ungrateful I was. Moving out really opened my eyes. Then having kids of my own and the time, energy and money is an even bigger wake up call. I can't ever thank my parents enough for what they've done for me.

My family really is my best friends especially my parents. I talk to at least one of them if not both once a day and if a few days go by. I get a phone call and the first words I hear are "Where have you been we haven't seen you in a while." Even though I do go over there every Sunday. Oh and lets not forget the classic voicemail from my dad. "Call Me" because seeing a missed call from him doesn't tell me that ;)


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