A few months ago when I was prego, my friend posted a picture on facebook. I immediately knew I wanted to try it because I was a bridesmaid in a wedding 2 weeks after I was due. I wanted to fit in to my dress as fast as I can. I have done 3 wraps now and I will email you my pictures if you want to see, but I'm not one to post my own. They have been so great I feel a lot better and healthier and the funny thing is when I wrap it makes me want to be healthier. I am not a water drinker and this has helped me become better at it.
I reached diamond today and I'm sure none of you know what that means... It means I've reached a big level in the skinny wraps business I'm doing. It feels so great to reach a goal I never thought I would. I have helped so many people and made a little mulah while doing it. It has been a lot of work that has come very easy at the same time. I'm not here to sell you on the wraps I just need to write it all out so that I can go to sleep because I'm going through so many emotions. A part of me cannot believe I'm finally diamond, I mean I'm kind of still in shock!
Mike said when I reach diamond he will wrap and sure enough he is going to!! He said I knew you could do it, I just didn't know you would. Eat Crow Mikey! I'm just teasing he has been so great ever since I started this buisness. We we're nervous at first because it is an "MLM" I soon learned it is different though! I have made so many friends and have really heped people change their lives since I've started. Which I started only 3 months ago. I am going to Florda for a convetntion in January and I am so excited for it. It is going to be so fun meeting my team that lives in FL that I don't even know. They are some rather funny Southern women that I can't wait to meet.
Anyway incase your wondering what all the pictures are about on facebook that is it. I can't wait to see what comes my next goal is double diamond and when I reach that I am getting extensions. When I reached diamond I got my Iphone 5. I am still getting use to it, but it is good to have goals and reward your self when you reach them at least it my case it gives me that extra motivation and accomplishment.


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