1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

 1. I can't eat in the dark, I have to see what I am eating and look at every bite.

2. When I run I have to chew gum or I go CRAZY! 

3. I am terrified of praying mantises.

4. I never thought I'd have two kids by 24 let alone ever.

5. I LOVE anything Disney.

6. I'm a sucker for flowers and Mike knows it.

7. I absolutely hate cleaning toilets and vacuuming stairs. (that was my chores as a kid)

8. I deep clean when I'm mad. 

9. I over eat when I'm happy, which is a lot :)

10. Jeans a Tee shirt and flip flops are my favorite outfit any day of the week.

11. I can't sleep if the blankets and sheets are tucked in.

12. I've never dieted and never will unless you count carbonation.

13. I have public toilet syndrome

14. I have a potty mouth that i'm working on especially now that Peyton is a parrot. 

15. I love Black Jack, double down baby!

16. I am a kid a heart, I never want to truly grow up. Why yes my pjs are Perry the Playpus!

17. I am a closet nerd, I know how to do SEO and I think i'm pretty good at COD and WOW.

18. I love to get dirty. Hunting, Camping, Fishing and all that goodness. 

19. I am a Mormon.

20. I am blessed in every possible way.


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