37, 38 Weeks

37 Weeks
I'm up another 3 pounds in 1 week... Still haven't hit the big 200 though! I am still the same not effaced and nearly a 1. I have had some painful contractions the last few days, but only a couple. My ribs are so bruised he just loves to kicked them. It hurts so bad, Peyton was the same way. I'd really like him to drop, but there is no sign of that happening soon. Keep walking is what my doctor said, but even that hurts to do.

38.3 Weeks
Yes people only 4 days till I get induced! I went to the doctor today and I expected to still not be effaced and only a 1. I am at a 3+ I thought he said 3.5, but Mike said he said +. And he also said the baby is dropped and effaced. I wish I would have asked him the percent, but I was distracted about being dilated! Also I'm up another 2 pounds :)
I also forgot to ask him to strip me, we started talking about the hospital and when I'd go in and things like that I forgot a lot of things.

My mom and I went shopping for more outfits. Target had a horrible selection on boys clothes they always have an amazing selection for girls though. As we were walking into Target I had a really painful contraction and that was the only one for the day. Bummer. We went to some other stores I really wanted to find a suit for him to come home in and take pictures and sure enough we finally found a cute one. Can't wait to put him in it!

Things I've been told and asked this pregnancy:

You just need to drink a lot of water then your water will break- Dane

You look a lot better and skinner this pregnancy- Payden

You will look better 6 months pregnant than you'll look 1 month postpartum- Mi Mi

People will tell you two isn't that bad, but really it is hard the first little while. - Neighbors

I forgot how big your chest gets, I am excited for your milk to come in! - Mike

Theresa called today and she asked me if your waddling yet, Yup you sure are! - Lynne

Hey Nikki did you know your PREGNANT!- Colton

Nikki I'm going to go get some ice cream what kind do you want. - Phil (notice he didn't ask if I wanted any he asked what kind I want)

I was complaining about my swollen feet, and she sked me if she could massage them. I didn't let her, but it was really really sweet of her to offer. - Seantay

It looks like you have a basketball under there

A couple days before my delivery I had a lady ask me to be a model for her in my ward. I was now very swollen all over from the water weight, but I agreed and I'm really glad I did!


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