18 and 19 Months

18 Months, NURSERY!
I got a new calling (2nd Counselor in the Primary) the same day Peyton was officially in nursery. I guest that means no Sunday School and Relief Society for me :( I am really excited to be in Primary again with all of the kids and to hear their funny comments. Oh how I missed those comments!

Peyton goes to nursery great! They say when ever someone opens the door she says Ma Ma Ma Ma for a little, but then goes right back to playing.

She had her 18 month appointment a few days ago. She weighs 22.4 lbs and is 32 inches tall! Down 2 lbs from her 13 month. He didn't think they entered that in right, but they might have. She is super active and is always running around. The doctor showed me her chart and she is still OFF of it. I had to laugh she has been this way since birth.
He asked me how many words does she know? I sat there for a second trying to come up with a number. He said like 10? At least 20? I was like oh yes she knows over 100. He was shocked and said that's great. Then he asked if she is putting two words together. I said yes she can put 5 words together like "I want to go outside" again he was shocked when she repeated me. He asked a few more basic questions and all of them Peyton was far more advanced at. My favortite was when he told me to make sure she is eating meat. She of course said MEAT. He said she needs her protein then she of course said PROTEIN. She also kept saying Doctor which was pretty funny. She got 1 shot and took it like a champ just a few tears, nothing fruit snacks couldn't fix.
She has had a constant runny nose for what seems like forever. I know she is getting her canines I just wish they'd break through because this is getting old.
Peyton also had her first dentist appointment she has an underbite, which I guess is very common and until she is 9 they aren't worried.
Same with her eye no news there. I guess no news is good news right?

*Peyton loves to color. I gave her a marker (great idea mom) and she drew on our bed... Everytime she comes in our room and sees it she says No No No and shakes her finger at it. She has learned very quickly that coloring only happens on paper.

* I bought her a baby because I read it helps with the transition. She loves it! She is always feeding her baby and changing her baby. Reads books to her baby. Kisses her.  Burping her baby. (I've babysat my neice a few times and I think that's where she picked up on that) She even tried to put her diaper on the baby. Her baby sleeps with her at night along with 4 blankets and Dan. Dan is Mikes doll he had when he was her age. So cute!

* Pey loves food! She is a bottomless pit. She loves apples, but hates the peel. I have to peel them for her and if I forget I find chewed up peel all over my house. She also loves her peanut butter and jelly. She really loves all food it would be easier to name the food she doesn't like which is just lettuce and sometimes broccoli and strawberries.

* She loves her dad, total daddies girl. She cried last week for a half hour when he left to work.

* She didn't like new Disney move BRAVE. I think it was too scary for her, she did good the first hour, but once the bears came out she was not having it. That was also the time her pop corn ran out too.

* Mike and I were driving to Provo one night and decided to see how many words Peyton knows. When got to dinner and were at about 120 words. That is excluding Names and Animal sounds. With that I would guess she is 150+

19 Months

Peyton has really been acting out a lot, she loves baby Houston. She hates that she doesn't get all of the attention though. She spilled a cup full of water on my bed because I wouldn't pay attention to her while I was giving him a sponge bath.

She does things exact opposite of what I ask her. I HATE IT! People say it gets better and I sure hope so. She is so sweet, but there are certain times I think it is hard for her she is use to being more active and us having lots of play time. All of my energy is spent by the time she wakes up in the morning so play time has become rather boring for her.

She really has become a great talker, her sentences are always making people laugh. We were all at the doctor for Houstons 2 week check up when the nurse told me to take his cloths off for them to weigh him. When the doctor walked in she informed him very loudly that "Houston is NAKED!" She make sure everyone in the office knew. She is so funny as you can see in some of these videos she is a fireball full of energy.


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