34, 35, 36 Weeks

34 Weeks
Love my wonderful back... NOT, it hurts and aches all the time. the heat is going to kill me if allergies don't.
I will never be this pregnant again over the summer! The heat is killing me, I have to shower at least two times a day to cool down. I drink water I feel like non stop and i'm still swelling... OH and weddings.  I have been pregnant for SO many weddings. I am kind of done with that. I went to a dress fitting yesterday for my bridesmaids dress remember the one where the girl made me feel amazing. Well  they wanted me to try it on. 4 to 9 month jump in the belly is a big jump. It was really quite embarrassing. I am excited to go back a week after Houston comes because I won't be HUGE. Still blubbery and chunky, but not like I am now :)

35 Weeks
I went to Doctor C today, nothing exciting yet. We did confirm Friday the 3rd though. I will know a lot more at my next apt they are now weekly and are going to be not so fun if you know what I mean... I did gain 4 lbs in 2 weeks and my feet are SWOLLEN, which means a lot of it is water. I  haven't been doing so good with that. I hate that to not retain you have to drink more. Blah!

Braxton hicks are so weird to me, I swear I have like 10 a day and it has been like this for a while now. I am really glad they don't hurt!

Keep in mind I'm having this baby at 39 weeks which means only 4 weeks to go! Are we ready? I've been asked that a lot! I am ready to be done being pregnant I am not ready for a second child. I am terrified. What if he is just like Peyton? I love my little Pey bug, but I need a calm mommas boy who just wants to cuddle. I am not expecting that at all. As far as the nursery goes we are ready! We made our guest bedroom into his room, it is right next to Peyton's room which has me worried. I am still buying decorations, but we have the most important stuff. I just keep thinking get to the 14th for the high school reunion then to 21st to get your prenatal massage (mothers day gift) I can't wait for it, then to the 26th for Wicked and then we are good to have this baby. July is packed full of fun and I am enjoying spoiling Peyton with lots of Mommy/ Daughter dates.

I still have a ton of pressure and I don't think that will be going away till birth. I can't sleep at night I am constantly switching positions and since i've been drinking water non stop I get up 3 or 4 times a night. I know the no sleep thing is here to stay for a good 3 months unless he is an amazing sleeper.
I am at the point I have no desire to get ready for the day. If I could I would stay in basketball shorts all day long, but I want Peyton to enjoy her summer outside.
I crave sugar! I cannot get enough of ice cream and DP. I have tried to curb those cravings with fruit since it is sweet like sugar and I don't feel bad for eating it.

The waddle is in full force. I can feel my self swaying and I try so hard to correct it, but it really is just easier. You can always tell a pregnant woman from behind because of the waddle.

Nesting: Maybe it's because I have a lot of people coming over this week for Wrap Parties I'll do a post about that another time. I have been cleaning like a crazy person. I have thrown away so much stuff and I still wonder why have so much crap left? DI is sure loving me right now.

My nightly ritual, yes ICE CREAM! It keeps me sain I think.

36 Weeks
3 Weeks from today I will be holding our sweet baby Houston! I seriously can't believe it. I never pictured my self as a mom of 2 kids.

I had a contraction today in Copy Tec, I was just standing there making a billion copys when BAM I was like oh yeah I remember those ouch that hurt. It was only for like 15 seconds.
Stay in there 1 more week little buddy and you are free to come out.

36.5 weeks
I was sitting in Primary when all of a sudden I couldn't see, everything was blurry. Then my right arm went numb. I got scared, but with my calling I sit up infront and luckily I wasn't conducting or doing sharing time so I just sat there for a half hour till it passed.
I got in the car and told Mike he immediately tried to take me to the ER. I went and got in bed and slept for a while. It went away. I called my nurse the next day she told me to take it easy and drink a lot of water. It happened again at Phils going away bbq (i'll post about later). Dizzy, numb, migraine seemed to be the cycle.
On Tuesday I had a doctor appointment. He said I was doing pretty good on being hydrated. He explained what I have is an aura, and as soon as the dizziness comes to take a Lortab that way it will catch it right at the beginning.
Mike thought I had preclamsia and I googled my symptoms and read stroke so we decided to stay away from the internet. It had us both worried. I'm glad my doctor was able to calm us down :)
He checked me and well that baby is in there to stay for a while. I am only 1cm dilated (if that) and not effaced and I am okay with that.  He just better stick to the plan and come between the 27th and the 3rd. 

I tried to on my flats for church and I had to squeeze them, yay for swollen feet. I am also not doing very good with my weight gain :) It will be interesting to see if I can stay under my 200 goal. I haven't been working out or really caring much lately..... The dairy every night isn't helping either, but I'm still going to eat it because I can, or because I can't say no :)

I really need to take more pics of this belly, until then here is one of the person I take a picture of at least once a day!

I really should start taking everyones guesses if you want to guess just leave a comment.
*Moms guess Aug. 3rd, 3:10 PM, 7lbs 14 oz and be a tall one like his sister, 21 inches long.
*Dads guess is Aug 3rd, 4:30 PM, 8lbs 3oz and 19.5 inches long


**DiXoNs** said…
I am so excited for you! It is so fun to read what you are going through because right now I am going through the same thing. This is my second July baby and let me tell you what! It is tooo dang hot! I said the first time I would never do this again... Well... Here I am again. Funny how things like this happen. Oh well. Hope all goes well for you guys!
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