I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

The last few weeks have been pretty wonderful. I can feel my self maturing is that weird?  Maybe not maturing, but changing. I feel like this happened when Peyton was born too. I can feel my testimony growing. I know it is constantly growing, but sometimes I can really feel it.

Sharolee and I went to Womens conference at BYU. We heard some amazing speakers and I'm really glad I took notes. I'm not going to share all of it with you, but here are a two classes. You can see how different the range of education is. What a fun day to spend with my SIL and to learn more about Family, The Gosple, Relationships and Love.

* One class we went to was about healthy eating and eating a home more. It is very import for the family to eat dinner together. Not only will it save you month, it's heathier, but when you kids are older they are less likely to get into trouble and confide in you more.
*Another class was about trust and relationships. He talked about Johari's Window. Mike and I always say we did our fighting when we were dating to get it over with. We really never fight, but learning about trust I realize why we did fight and how to communicate better.

For the last few months I have been on the Activity Days commity working with some really great women. Being the newby I was nervous, but they welcomed me right in.
Then our President got relesed and they called someone to fill the spot. Yup you guessed it me.
I'm not sure why I'm over these wonderful women who are very experience, but for some reason and I am and I am excited to serve. We have 25 Activity Day girls and they are absolutely adorable!
Here is a picture from Day Camp.

Mike and I got a call mid week from a member of the bishopric. He walked in the room and said " I have some news your really going to hate." My thoughts went wild. He told me "We are speaking on Sunday." He was right! I haven't given a talk in years! My family came to hear us which put me at ease and because Peyton kept blowing kisses and smiling at me. Mike gave a wonderful talk as expected. I have bad allergies so hopefully it was okay. It was nice to really study a topic even though it was just for a few days.
We spoke on Elder Oaks conference talk on Sacrifice. I took the first to sub topics and he took the last. I was able to share the story of my direct ancestor of Gideon Burdick.
Mike spoke on the Church unit and how we all sacrifice and the ultimate sacrifice.

Cozy was blessed on Sunday!

And tomorrow night my BIL, Adam will be receiving his mission call!


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