Tuesday, May 22, 2012

26, 27 and 28 Weeks

26 Weeks
Here we are again, four weeks have gone by. I am in an amazing mood today and so I figured I'd better blog about it! I was felling pretty bad about the 16lbs I put on in just one month and have been trying to cut back on my carb intake. I swear all of the yummy foods are carbs. I've never really cared about what I eat and have no idea how many calories is a lot and stuff like that, but I did look up to see what are bad carbs. I also have been drinking more water to help with the retaining of it. Kind of ironic don't you think.  Anyway back to my story of today. I have been asked to be a bridesmaid in Matt and Seantay's wedding on Aug. 16th. Yes that is one week from my due date. Today I went and got fitted for my dress. I was dreading this because no 6 almost 7 month prego wants to go be measured unless your crazy. I got there and the dress is perfect it hides my bump really well and is gorgeous. The girl that measured me kept saying how tiny I am that most women they recommend bumping up a couple sizes as they grow. She kept me the same because I had some room in the size I tried on and said that they might even have to take it in since I'll be having the baby. Wow do I feel great. Sure the scale says different about it all but the inches don't!

27 Weeks
Okay today I feel really nauseous. I think I just need to vomit and I will feel better, but I'm not going to force it. I also have the WORST allergies ever. I feel like every year I forget how bad they really are then one morning I wake up and bam, runny nose, man voice, sore throat, head ache and not stop sneezing.  I am so glad I can take drugs while prego even if they only help a little. 
Lets not forget about the butt pain. He has started to push on my nerve which causes alot of siatic pain. Ouch :( I am so glad I have my blog and I can read back I had this same pain with Pey at 28 weeks

28 Weeks
I am happy to say there are some great differences with Peyton than with Houston. Here is the same quiz I filled out with Pey.

Fat: I am showing a lot faster which makes me feel fat, but I am in great shape this time around which makes me happy.

Sleep: I sleep amazing other than the four trips to the bathroom a night. I think my body is preparing me to wake with a new born again. I know working out is the big contributor to the energy I have durring the day and how great I sleep at night.

Kicking and Punching: He does kick quite a bit, but it isn't painful like it was with Pey. He does have a good one every now and then that catches me off guard.
Emotions: I don't have as much patience with Peyton as I usually do, but other than that I think I'm at a pretty even keel. Mike might say different :)

The Groans: Ah yes lets not forget how the air gets forced out when I bend over ha ha ha

Butt Pains: Yes defiantly have those they started last week, but the stretching has helped so much! Stupid sciatic nerve.

Hating: I don't really have food aversions. I still don't love some meats, but I eat them. Nothing too intense though. Every now and then something will taste funny and I can't eat it because it's off. Mike just thinks I'm silly when that happens. 

Acid Reflux: Oh thank heavens I don't have acid reflux. I know I will have to pound the tums once I get big, but for now there is no sign of it and for that I am grateful!

Stretch Marks: Oh those lovely things. I haven't noticed any new ones this pregnancy. So far...

Belly Button: Still an innie, but defiantly stretched out. I really do need to take a bare belly picture with in the next three months.

28. 5 Weeks
3rd Trimester is here! 7 months along and 80 days to go!
I went to the doctor today. I just have to say I really love him as my doctor he is the bomb diggity! I am in a good mood probably because I didn't gain 16+ lbs this month :) Nope just 3 wahoo. I think I have the water retention under control now. I really don't like water and all of this drinking it is awful, but if its need I guess i'll do it. Okay back to the doctor. I had my nasty glucose test today. I was worried about the finger prick because with Pey I swear she hit the bone. Today it was easy peasy! I told my doctor I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding on the 16th of Aug and asked him how early I can get induced. He said "Well you're due the 10th and so the 3rd would be the earliest." I said awesome I'll take it! I guess that means we have an official date set for this little guy to make his appearance! As long as everything goes according to plan. The heart rate is good he was moving a ton today at the visit. I also had a contraction while getting my belly measured. I only feel a few here and there. They aren't painful at all just kind of weird. Doctor C is the one who pointed it out. 
So far I'm just one hot girl! I am anxiously waiting for the pools to open up. August feel so far away when I think about the heat and how much bigger i'm going to get and how much more of this heat I can stand. It really is just right around the corner though. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

15, 16 and 17 Months

17 Months
1 more month until nursery! WAHOO!
Church is awful, Peyton just wants to play or sleep and she can't do either so she is not a happy camper.
A few things to note:
When she gets out of the tub she says COLD about 20 times incase I didn't know that's she's cold.
When we get into the car she says HOT 20 times incase I don't know it's hot. She also blows as if that will cool down the car :)
She tells me play, outside, slide, oatmeal, taco, drink, water. She is putting two and three words together. Understand what those are is the trick. Yesterday Mike, Pey and I were driving and she kept saying. "I know this guy" Mike and I were like WHAT? After a few tries we finally figured out she was saying "I know the sky"so her sentences don't make sense most of the time, but she is just a little jabber jay.
17. 5 Months
My little girl is now speaking in sentences. I wish she'd stop growing up. She now says "I want to/a....." I want a snack is the phrase I hear the most :)

15, 16 Months
Things Peyton has learned:
The name of her body parts
Some colors
How to scream and does this for no reason at all....
That there is a park just out the back door and that se can see the slide from the side window.
There is a baby in my belly, she also thinks there is one in her's and will show you her belly button
She can go around the room and get fed from anyone, especially ice cream
When she toots she calls it a stinky, I'm trying to teach her to tell me when she has pooped it works sometimes
Saying Ma Ma a billion times in a row will just make me laugh for the most part
There are always cheese, apples and water and in the fridge on her level

Things I have learned:
How smart she really is. Everyday I look at her and think where did she learn that or when did she learn that and even HOW did she learn that.
Not to give in when she is fake crying or whining i'm still working on this for the screaming
It's okay to give her lots of treats she isn't going to die
Sometimes pajamas are as far as we get and that is okay
That she is a daddys girl through and through
She is and endless pit, I've never had her tell me no when she is full, In fact I've never seen her full
When she moans her self to sleep its her way of singing (I think)
If you feed her with your hand she might bite you
She is very stubborn like her mom
She is a bundle of endless joy
Patience and I know this isn't the end of this lesson

A few friends and I went up to City Creek. While in the new Disney Store Peyton had a little Minnie Mouse moment.

I found out that Mickey and Minnie were going to be there and decided if Peyton loved a stuffed Minnie so much how would she like to meet them in person?
We drove up and sat in line for an hour and a half. Peyton was pretty good which was nice even though it was very windy. We got in the the room where Mickey was. I was a little disappointed it was Mickey not Minnie because Minnie is her FAVORITE! As soon as she saw him she couldn't take her eyes off him. She had NO clue what to think. It was her turn and I put her down and she just stood there frozen solid. I scooted her closer and she gave him a hug and then a kiss :) She was in shock! We took a few pictures and left. After leaving the room she just kept saying Mee Mow (Mickey Mouse) over and over. I can't wait for Disneyland in January it really can't come soon enough!

 Giving Mickey a Kiss
Playing peek a boo in line with Dad.

I'm putting these together because I'll never get it done, if I don't so bare with me it's going to be a long post.

Mike and I were trying to decide if we should go to an Easter egg hunt. I got a lot of NO's on the matter and kind of decided against it, but after talking to my wonderful Mother. We decided to just try one out. Lindon city sounded their fire engine which scared Pey half to death and ran straight for my legs. Once she realized she could now go get the eggs  she was fine. She didn't understand picking up multiples she just wanted the ones in her hand. I had to take them from her and tell her to go get more. It was over in a matter of a minute, but we made out like bandits! Then she realized there was candy (nan nee) inside and she was ecstatic.

We hopped on over to get some delicious Kneaders french toast that Mike had never had!! I was shocked! If you haven't had it it is a must!
That night we dyed eggs with my little brother Dane :) Payden and Annette came over to join in the fun.

The Easter Bunny came to our home!

When to Church and that was a NIGHTMARE! Church is so hard right now. She has two months till nursery and we can't wait. All she wants to do is run around. I've learned not to let her do this, but it has been a struggle. It is also her nap time so she is so tired and onry, but won't fall asleep in my arms. At home I just have to tell her nigh nigh and she lays down and goes to sleep. Any where else I hate nap time. Mike takes her durring Sunday school and I take her durring RS.  My Sunday really has lacked learning and feeling the Spirit. I am so grateful for little videos like this.

We went to my parents for Easter dinner and had a delicious feast. My brother served his mission in Romania and we do a tradition where you crack red hard boiled eggs to see who has the toughest egg. Kind of like a wish bone thing. Here is a better explanation.

Peyton was in her Easter dress and I wanted some pretty pictures. So we found this field by my parents and snapped some cute ones! Good job Mike and the photo taking!