Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm so behind...

Jan. 28th Mikes 26th Birthday! We laugh about how we met at 21 and 19 and now look at us! We celebrated by going out to a nice romantic dinner together, but the real family celebration was a few weeks later at Fridays and that is when we revealed our baby secret.

Feb. 14th We were sick for a few days and just stayed home to die. It was the worst Mike and I have ever been. Peyton was sick and so with both of us down for the count and a hyper toddler. I made a promise to myself that I will call MiMi or Grandma for some backup. We did celebrate a few days later just Mike and I. We went up to Flemmings the best steakhouse ever. Then went and saw The Vow. It was cute, I cried a lot....

I've been trying to pass the time till spring and this site Pinterest has really helped! 
I have a few friends and family members due in the next couple of months. I decided instead of spending $60.00 on a Minky blanket to make them one. 
My sewing lines are not always straight, but they are getting better. Practice makes perfect right? I hope.
Here is a picture of Peyton packing off with the blanket I make for my friend Emily and her baby girl. Don't worry after I realized how much Peyton loved it I made her one too. 

We got a few crock-pots from our wedding and I haven't used one until now! (almost 3 years later) I will only use these recipes if I am not home though because sitting in the aroma of delicious food all day was too much for me. Cafe Rio's Sweet Pork was amazing!
Phil's favorite that I make are the stuffed peppers. Mike likes my Chicken Tika Masala and my favorite is the Thai Pineapple curry. Which is still being perfected.  As you can see not just your basic ingredients, but if I can do it so can you!
This is from our missing Disneyland night with some friends.  Only 9 months to go....
Monte Cristo and Dole Whip YUM!

We've had friends over for game nights. Payden and Annette rocked us on the Playstation.
A while ago we went to the Provo temple and it was really great going with everyone I can't wait to keep this tradition up once a month.

----------OK so I forgot to publish this a couple months ago so I'm just going to add on to it.....----------

The babies have been born!
Meet Cozette Kay Parry

Now meet Eloise Alyse Esplin

Okay weren't they adorable!!
Now for a little fun at the park. Kaden, Brinkley and Peyton
They are all really close together in age and the best of friends.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I miss you

I miss you everyday. It has been a year since you left this world so sudden and so sadly. I wish things weren't this way and that I could go back and make everything right. I hope you know now that you were not as alone as you thought.  I wish I could have shown you all of the people who love you.

Every time I hear 311 I think of all the fun times we had. You were a wonderful person with the greatest smile. May God be with you till we meet again. I love you my dear friend. 

Dashboard Confessional
It's been a year now, since you were here now
And I've been trying to heal inside
Dedications have all been placed
And I see your resemblance in my face
And on our birthday I said an extra wish for you, for you

And I have learned so much since you've been gone
And I have done so little for so long
So now I'll settle up these grievances and focus on the savory
And wave all these discrepancies away
And I'll peter out these misconceptions, give out faith at my discretion
Live a life that you would think was sane, sane

Displaying changes, being made
And I wonder if you ever really wanted it this way
And in your memory they even hung a plaque for you, for you

And I have learned so much since you've been gone
And I have done so little for so long
So now I'll settle up these grievances and focus on the savory
And wave all these discrepancies away
And I'll peter out these misconceptions, give out faith at my discretion
Live a life that would think was sane, sane

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

21 - 24 Weeks

Before I start I want to apologize for the detail and things I blog about. Now that my blog is private I can be more open. I've said this before, but I want to turn my blog into a book and look back on it some day and how I felt at that moment. My memory is horrible... This is my own little journal. Take it or leave it. I hope you enjoy.

Time to get out the maternity jeans, the regular jeans no longer fit so fat clothes here we come. I haven't had any food aversions like I did with Peyton. With her I couldn't even look at Chicken with out vomiting. Don't get me wrong some meat really isn't my favorite right now, but I still eat it.
I am waking up in the night with charlie horses. Oh how I hate them! I also hate this super hero sense of smell too! I am no longer craving salty things, I've now moved on to anything sweet. Who knows how many packets of fruit snacks I eat a day.... Lets not get started on the ice cream bowls every night.

Speaking of the crap food i've been eating :)

WOW! I went to the doctor today and I am up 16lbs in just one month..... Can you say fatty???
That is .5 lb a day! Woah nelly someone needs to slow down on the ice cream. I weigh exactly what I did with Peyton at 24 weeks. I was really hoping to stay 10lbs under like I have been, but that's what all you can eat buffets on our trip will do to ya. I just have to remember I've lost it once I can do it again, and I am running the Disneyland Tinker Bell half marathon in January so I will for sure be fit by then. Oh and if anyone would like to join us on that vaycay, the more the merrier!
Doctor Cherrington said I'm measuring good and I did mention the swelling in my ankles, he told me summer pregnancies your more likely to retain water and that is just what I am doing. He said 1 gallong of water is about 8lbs and that might explain the extra weight. I love my doctor he is such a good guy I love how he tells me not to worry and just stay healthy and keep working out like I have been. He did mention if I am really worried try to lay off on the excess carbs. I guess I'll try that.

Alright hope you enjoyed that little vent I feel much better now. On a happier note I've started decorating Houston's room and it just makes me more excited for him to arrive. I've chosen cowboy theme because I think it will be simple since we have a lot of cowboy garb to spare and I told Mike next house next year that we can do the Mario theme since this home already has one very colorful room.

Sorry I don't have any bump pictures.... The ones I do have aren't of the bump. I have also been wearing a lot of flowy shirts this pregnancy since it's the style right now and it hides my belly really well.
Here is a random one from Vegas for now.

Just incase you need a good laugh this is for you.

Oh also if you are expecting or are planning on it. Check out this site, they even have a blog forum from other moms in your month that need advice or just want to chat. I love it. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


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