Monday, March 26, 2012

20 Weeks

Half way there people! It's nice to know I'm half way it feels great. I was telling Mike on the drive home from the doctor that in some ways it just hasn't hit me that we are having another one. He said it has for him, but that our family just dosen't feel complete yet. I reassured him that it will when he gets here :)
As for these last few weeks have gone SLOW because my SIL is expecting and due on Friday and I can't stand it. So exciting! Houston and Cozy will be only 5 months apart. Peyton and Cozy will only be 15 months apart. I think they will all be great friend.

How far along?: 20 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: I am what I weighed when I got pregnant with Peyton! Which makes me feel great! Oh but lets not forget i'm stil up 10lbs. Which is still in the good range :)
Maternity clothes: Not really, which is great! I can still wear a few of my bigger jeans and most of My regular shirts which is great. Not for very much longer though.
Best moment of the week: The confirmation on having a boy and of course feeling those kicks!
Food cravings: Anything unhealthy!
Labor signs: none
Belly button in or out: In
What I am looking forward to: When Mike can feel him kick, and of course holding him for hours and hours.
Milestones: being HALFWAY of course!
Realization of the week: I get to start decorating his nursery!

I was looking back on what I ate yesterday and realized that my cravings got the best of me. I'm trying to be healthy because I'm going to run a half marathon in Jan. so i've been trying to maintain a healthy pregnancy and will continue to do so from here on out.
 Any way I woke up had a little bit of a green smoothie, but let Pey eat it I just wasn't feeling it. I went to Arctic Circle at 11 with some girl friends got mini corn dogs, fries, DP and an ice cream cone. Then met up with some different friends at T.A. at 1, ate a burrito and a lime freeze. Then came home at 3 and ate a WHOLE box of chicken in a biscuit crackers. Oh and yes it was the family size box mind you... I didn't realize it until there were 4 crackers left. Then Mike came home from work and wanted Buffalo Wild Wings. Of course I had to try it out even though I pretty full at this point.

I was really sick today and realized duh you just ate garbage all day yesterday. Sorry Houston, Mom is going to do better and that I have I HATE salad and guess what I ate for dinner. Yup leafy greens.
On another healthy note I work out quite a bit and I just have to say I'm pretty proud of my self! I started a cycling class and I am SORE! I was talking with a friend and I am showing more yet thinner than I was at the same stage with Pey. I can feel Houston ALOT more. I also feel braxston hicks once or twice a day, which I didn't feel until the night before I had Peyton. So strange!

 I went to the doctor and he confirmed BOY! I have to admit I was little anxious because ya never know things could change when you find out so early. I love seeing him in the ultra sounds and hearing how he is looking healthy and growing great. I had to laugh when the doctor asked me if I am eating good. He did this too with Peyton and with her I usually said no, just trying to keep things down. With Houston I said YES, that's all I do is eat! :)

I found this pic from Peyton's 20 week post, and so I had to recreate it. Do I look 10lbs lighter in my current one? NA. I guess with Houston I can still button these pants up for now and I don't have to wear my belly band yet. I guess that's the one way of comparing.

When I saw this picture below I had to laugh because pjs, ice cream and dirty dishes are pretty well known at our home right now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

15, 16, 17 and 18 Weeks

Houston Michael Hall
is the name we have chosen. Mike really loves it, Houston is his late Grandfathers name and some called him Huey baby. I know I've had a few others growing up, but I picked Peyton and it's only fair daddy gets to pick his little boys name.

15 Weeks
I have woke up the past few nights feeling nauseas and also again in the mornings. I have to force my self to eat because once I do two things can happen. Most of the time I feel A LOT better. Sometimes it all comes back up.
I am working out (slow jogging, mostly walking and some lifting) almost everyday which feels great I think it is helping me sleep better and give me more energy during the day. I didn't start walking with Peyton until I was 8, 9 months along there was no way I could have done that with her.  I am still weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Peyton, but my pants are so much tighter. I am defiantly showing a lot faster with Houston. I am not as worried about gaining weight this pregnancy now that I know I can loose it. I would just like to stay in the recommended weight gain which is 25 to 35 pounds. In case you didn't know that. I certainly didn't and defiantly didn't say in that with Pey :)
Since finding out Houston is on his way I kind of went a little overboard and bought a lot of clothes. It is like having a first child in a way. If it would have been a girl I don't think I would have gone as crazy because Pey has SO many clothes especially those first 6 months.

My sister-in-law Whitney had her shower. We made bows for Cozy and ate some amazing food. I wish I would have done this at my shower it was such a fun thing to do.
Here we are with our cute bellies and yes i'm holding Peyton's Piglet. I am 16 weeks and 36 weeks for her.

16 Weeks
I had a check up today and my doctor told me my due day is for sure the 10th of August! Heart beat was good and I'll find out the sex at my next appointment. HA! I should say we will have a confirmation on the sex since we know our little boy is on his way.
I haven't been sick this last week and so I was worried there was something wrong with me, the doctor said you wouldn't be Nikki if you weren't worried :) tis true. I have noticed I'm so hungry all the time, I am shocked at how much I can eat and not feel full.

17 Weeks
I am still hungry all the time, I'm trying to be healthy. Everything I crave is salty junk though. I really want some curly or criss-cut fries from Arbys or Carls Jr. with JCWS fry sauce... I have to say Mike was a sweetheart and surprised me with some the other day. I sure love that man!  Along with wanting to eat everything in sight I am also still getting sick around 11 at night. I try to just sleep it off and by morning I'm hungry again and ready to go.
I decided the reason I was getting sick is because we eat dinner around 6:00 and I don't eat again for the rest of the night. I was at the store the other day and was looking for some steamed broccoli when I discovered they sell Edamame. This is one of my favorite things to get at a Sushi restaurant. They are little soy beans still in the shell.  They were about $1.50 so I figured they'd be nasty. It just had to be too good to be true. NOPE they were amazing. I just got done finishing them off and I can't wait to stock up. They are salty too so perfect for my fry/chip cravings. I was getting sick of Claussens :) Anyway if your looking for a healthy snack there you have it folks try out the Edamame!

We have movement people. With Peyton I felt the flutters and the popping around now. I never did feel that with Houston. I was just sitting in bed one night while Mike was reading and bam. I was like no that felt more like a little nudge than a flutter. So I brushed it off and bam it happened again. Then it happened a few nights later and there not hard just tiny little pokes sort of. I have no idea how to describe it. He is in there and I love feeling him move. I just hope in a few months his feet aren't in my ribs now that was painful.

18 Weeks
I am in the fat stage of where you can see the tire around my belly, but your not quite sure if its a real baby or food baby. (I think) I'm sure I'll just pop like I did with Pey at 20 weeks. I hate seeing people I haven't seen in a long time in this stage. I can't just say Hey I'm pregnant. I have been getting sick if I wait more than 3 or 4 hours between meals. He is a hungry boy I guess and still just kicking away.

Lately I've been trying to figure out if we want to buy two cribs. Peyton will be about 18, 19 months old when Houston is born. I've talked to some moms that have kids close together and they say put the newborn in the bassinet for as long as you can then transition Peyton into a toddler bed. I think we will try this.
I also keep thinking about having two kid in diapers. I DON'T want to do it. I know that I will have to though. My goal is to have Peyton potty trained by two and a half. HA like that will happen, but one can hope.