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20 Weeks

Half way there people! It's nice to know I'm half way it feels great. I was telling Mike on the drive home from the doctor that in some ways it just hasn't hit me that we are having another one. He said it has for him, but that our family just dosen't feel complete yet. I reassured him that it will when he gets here :)
As for these last few weeks have gone SLOW because my SIL is expecting and due on Friday and I can't stand it. So exciting! Houston and Cozy will be only 5 months apart. Peyton and Cozy will only be 15 months apart. I think they will all be great friend.

How far along?: 20 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: I am what I weighed when I got pregnant with Peyton! Which makes me feel great! Oh but lets not forget i'm stil up 10lbs. Which is still in the good range :)
Maternity clothes: Not really, which is great! I can still wear a few of my bigger jeans and most of My regular shirts which is great. Not for very much longer though.
Best moment of the we…

15, 16, 17 and 18 Weeks

Houston Michael Hall
is the name we have chosen. Mike really loves it, Houston is his late Grandfathers name and some called him Huey baby. I know I've had a few others growing up, but I picked Peyton and it's only fair daddy gets to pick his little boys name.

15 Weeks
I have woke up the past few nights feeling nauseas and also again in the mornings. I have to force my self to eat because once I do two things can happen. Most of the time I feel A LOT better. Sometimes it all comes back up.
I am working out (slow jogging, mostly walking and some lifting) almost everyday which feels great I think it is helping me sleep better and give me more energy during the day. I didn't start walking with Peyton until I was 8, 9 months along there was no way I could have done that with her.  I am still weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Peyton, but my pants are so much tighter. I am defiantly showing a lot faster with Houston. I am not as worried about gaining weight this pr…