Puerto Rico

Mike and I were finally able to go on our Cruise that has been booked for a year and half now. I got pregnant with Pey and was too far along to with all of the family and friends. Mike and I went by ourselves on this adventure.

We dropped Peyton off with Mi Mi and Pa Pa and it actually wasn't too hard because we still had so much to do that night. Payden and Annette picked us up including Kilo and we went and dropped him off in Sandy at the Tesch's. Then it was off to the airport. We were pretty early so we started on a mini series called Downton Abbey and we highly recommend it.

The plane ride was okay, we arrived in ATL around 4:00am and I was dead tired. Then we left there about 6:00 and arrived in Puerto Rico. We got a taxi and found our apartment in Old Town San Juan.
We were excited to get out and walk the city. It was a Thursday the day before 3 Kings so there were a lot of people and celebrations going on.

There was this little cafe a block down from our apartment. The lunch was amazing! I think it is safe to say this was our favorite meal and moment together. Romantic and peaceful. I will never forget it.

 The streets were like this in Old Town. This picture doesn't do justice to how cool they really are.

This little kid came and jumped in the picture. I couldn't stop laughing. His mom kept yelling at him to get out and I told Mike just to take it. She said to me "I can't get him to smile in our pictures!"  There he is smiling away with me it was really funny.
Behind me the locals were flying kites, there were tons and they kept crashing and I was a little worried.

From the Fort

In the fort we found some ammo.

After the fort we went to the cemetery. All of the caskets are not underground because of the water table. It was kind of creepy and cool at the same time.

We rode a trolley everywhere, Mike thought this poster was funny because in the bottom left you can see they call it "The Walkable City"
Street Preformers

We ate outside at this Italian restaurant and this is the fountain :)

Mike and his La Caprese he ordered it everwhere we went and I didn't mind. YUM!
So this is our apartment that we stayed in for three days. Mike is locking the door. Watch the video for a full scale tour.

Here Mike is watching Nacho Libre in spanish and trying to explain to me what is going on.

Our Apartment :)


Unknown said…
Looks super fun!! Glad you are enjoying yourselves!!
Unknown said…
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Esplins said…
Looks like fun! And we love Downton Abbey! We just finished the season on Netflix and are anxious to watch season 2. My mom just ordered the 2nd season off Amazon :)

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