18 months apart

Are we crazy?

The first time I knew.
I felt OFF the whole day. I woke up and got ready for the day as I put my jewlery on I couldn't remember which hand my wedding ring went on so I put it on and about 7PM that night I was sitting in a Relief Society meeting and I saw a sisters ring and thats when I realized that my ring is on the wrong hand. Many of you are thinking psh  no big deal.
I came home and told Mike this story I said let me tell you why I think I'm Pregnant. I'm starting to lose my mind! He laughed and said well I guess you will just have to wait and see.

A week later
I've taken about 10 test the last week... Finally last night was the first time I saw a hint of a line!  I have taken 5 more test and they are all really faint. I haven't started yet so I guess we will see. I'm still not 100% I think it's because I don't feel sick. Other than the ocasional tummy ache, but I dont feel pregnant. With Pey I knew the night before even taking a test that I was. It's interesting how this one is already different, isn't it?

I was busy buying Wicked tickets all morning and forgot to eat breakfast. As I walked out the door I took a prenatal  pill on an empty stomach just in case. That's about the time I started feeling nauseous. I met my friends at Sammys for lunch and shakes. I ate a huggin huge shake. As we walked to the car I was having a hard time keeping that shake down. My friends noticed and I lied... I went home and put Pey down for a nap. Then took a test. + Yes it is true PREGNANT!
My thoughts were: well that explains the sickness, but I don't feel pregnant yet like I did with Pey. Then I was like oh crap Mike is going to be home in a half hour and how the crap am I going to tell him in a fun cute way. I remembered a card I had got just for this occasion a while back. I taped a test inside just f

 and inside it says "Get ready for a whole new kind of "download."

I guess this puts my due date August 11th. I have thought about this long and hard. I have always loved being the oldest. Which means yes baby #2 will be as well I know the cut off is Sept. 1st, but I don't care. 

How it went?
Mike came home from a meeting ticked. I talked it out with him and reminded him that old people didn't grow up with technology and to not freak out. (long story) After he vented I said oh hey I got you something. He read it and then opened it I taped my test inside. He said "No Way!" We were both surprised it happened so fast. Pey took a little while, but this one was ready and didn't hesitate.


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