Monday, February 20, 2012

13 and 14 Months

Jan. 2012 1 year and 1 Month
She has finally mastered sucking through a straw.
She had a lot of fun with Mi Mi while we were on our cruise. She did get sick and Mi Mi took her to the doctor. My doctor told her not to tell me till we got back. HA! He knows me too well.
She is saying so many words.
She has started throwing more little fits when she doesn't want to do something.
Pey loves to give escamo kisses and hugs.
She always grabs my phone and puts it up to her ear and says HI. Uh oh I know 1 going on 16....
We attempted a french braid and it was an epic fail. 1. I have no idea how to french braid. Mind you I grew up with boys! 2. She would not sit still. Thank goodness for friends with girls,Youtube and Pinterest I'd be lost with out them.
Books are still her favorite thing besides Kilo which is by far her favorite word.
She loves kids! She just sits and stares and laughs at them when we have our mommy dates at Chick-fil-a.
I hate taking her to the store even thought it is one of her most favorite places. I get stopped by every old grandma(pa). They think she is adorable and I'm not going to argue with that, but you know those grannies they can sure talk. So the quick trip to grab some milk or eggs turns into a very long time.
She still hates bows. She likes to take them out of her hair and put them in my hair and says "Cute!"
She likes to run away from me and make me chase her. She thinks its a fun little game.
She has 4 teeth on the bottom and 2 on top.
She sleeps from 9:30pm to 8:00am which is AMAZING!! I can actually get stuff done before she wakes up. I go to bed at 10:00 most nights i'm still not adjusted from our cruise. I'm sure i'll get back to my regular mid night schedule in no time.
She cries when people leave. Pa Pa Hall came over for a bit and when he left she was so upset, it was sad and cute all at the same time.
She wears 18 month clothes and is still just growing like a weed.

We were in the Disney store last night and if we didn't already have 2 Minnies I would have got this life size one for her. She also freaked out when the Hot Dog song came on their tv and started dancing in the middle of the store ha ha ha.

My poor little miss is sick. I've never seen her this sick before, she has little red bumps around her mouth a bad cough and a runny nose. The doctor said she has Impetigo. There are different forms she has a staff infection of the mouth. She got it from her ear infection and her runny nose irritated her sensitive skin. 
She has her moments of being really onry, but for the most part she is still just her hyper happy self.
I took a video trying to show Mike the bumps and her cough. He was a work and the pictures weren't doing it justice.  As you can see she is all smiles. She is more cuddly when sick so we've had some good snuggle time the past few days.

Feb. 2012 1 Year 2 Months
Peyton is 24lbs and getting big. 
I ask her what does Kilo say? She goes woof woof it is pretty darn cute if you ask me. I have also taught her what a Kitty says. Peyton says "mow" like the snail on Sponge Bob. 
I've been getting her away from signing "more" since it is so demading and getting her to say Please. 
She can also say, Na Na (banana), Stinky is any diaper, Chase, Tillie, Grandma, Grandpa, Dane well Dane is more like Dee. She is getting the hang of Up if she wants me to pick her up and Down if she wants down from hold her or her highchair.  Sometimes she says NO to me... Usually when I've told her no like not to touch the computer so when I touch the computer she says no. How do teach a 1 year old "Do as I say not as I do? :)
Church is so hard with Pey. She can't sit still, I wonder who she gets that from? I cannot wait for Nursery. 4 months and counting! What is it like to be able to listen to a full lesson? They switched us to 11 and that is right durring her nap time. At home I can put her in her bed and she lays down with out a peep. At church it is a completely different story!
I also taught her baby. I showed her my belly button and she thinks that is baby. She also thinks every child is baby. We have ALOT of kids in our ward and durring church all we heard was baby baby baby. I am really regretting that one. Houston is the next word on our list. 
Ever since her skin episode we switched lotions and now she loves Cedaphil. She always brings it to me then rubs her hands together when I give her some. Same with hand sanitizer.
She had a bad breakout of eczema and a few oatmeal baths cleared that right up. 
She loves to dance anytime music comes on she is shaking her thang. 
Pey has recently learned to throw her self on the floor if she doesn't get what she wants.... Isn't she a little young to be doing this?? I thought this doesn't start until the terrible twos? I can't help but laugh when she does this. It is really hard not to give in and give her what she wants.
Peyton was grumpy last night and I thought maybe her "vampire teeth" incisors are coming in like her friends her age have. Nope I felt her bottom gums nothing then I felt her top gums and in the mid back sharp teeth had already cut through. I believe they are her first molars. According to this chart she was suppost to get her lateral incisors first, I guess not. So I guess you could say we survived our first molars! 
Waiting for Matt to come down the escalator at the air port.
 Like I said earlier 1 going on 16. Mike and her drive my parents to his a lot. I know its unsafe, but she LOVES it!

This is what Peyton does most of the time in the car.
Peyton gets her teeth brushed and flossed by dad every night. She gets mad if he doesn't.
 This is after a nap.
At Danes hockey game Mike and Pey playing on the ice.
She really liked the slippery ice.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Jokes on YOU!

Mike and I have been planning this day for months, well more me than him. I knew I wanted both families to be surprised. Mike and I decided to wait till we could tell everyone the gender to be the day we announced as well.
I made a Facebook group for a "surprise" birthday lunch for Mike and invited our families to TGI Fridays in Sandy. I had to pick a place that was only in Sandy and near the South Town. Not to mention it is where we first met.  I let them all think he knew nothing about it and of course he was scheming right along side me.

I made Peyton a Big Sister shirt to pass the time this week. We waited for our families to arrive at the restaurant and when they were all there we walked in and Mike acted surprised. He then said "We actually have a surprise of our own" and told everyone to "read Peyton's shirt." It was amazing everyone was surprised! Mike then proceeded to tell them "Oh and by the way after lunch we are going over to the Fetal Studio to find out the gender". They were even more SHOCKED! Everyone wanted to know how far along I was and how sick I am and things like that. I have been waiting 3 and half months to tell and it was worth the wait!

We then headed to the Studio and in a big room they have a projector and an ultra sound machine. The doctor showed us the head and face, then showed us the heart beating. The baby put it's hands up by its face and sucked on its thumb. So cute! The doctor said girls usually have their hands by there face and boys usually have their hands between their legs. Then it was gender time! This stubborn baby stayed profile for a bit. He had me cough a few times and nothing. Eventually after some poking we saw it. BOY! A few more angles he confirmed 100% boy! How wonderful! Houston Michael Hall! The doctor measured him and said you are about 14 weeks and 1 day! Which puts my due date around August. 10th! I'm glad he moved me back up to where I thought I was. He said the baby is a large lemon now.

Mike and I are both still in shock.  I think we are most shocked it's a boy. I can't wait to get little suits for church and to do his hair in a faux hawk. I'm excited to have legos, trucks and dinosaurs everywhere. I am also happy Peyton will have a protector so close in age. Brothers are the best!
Pregnancy is getting more real, I have been sick. I'd say maybe 2 out of 7 days I have an episode. With Peyton it was like 12 times a day. I think that is why it has been hard for me to "feel" pregnant. I am starting to get a bump! We are in the Second Trimester and that is just crazy to me! Here is the survey I filled out with Peyton. I thought it would be fun to do it again.

How far along are you? 14 weeks and 2 days!
Total weight gain/loss: Up 4 four pounds at 12 weeks and down 2 pounds now.
Maternity clothes? Only 1 day a week, I can still fit into most of my jeans and all of my shirts.
Sleep: It is getting harder to sleep, my back is already hurting. I also wake up twice in the night to tinkle.
Best Moment this week: Yesterday, finding out the gender and telling everyone!
Movement: Light flutters, but nothing for sure. I think its all in my head.
Food Cravings: Anything salty! Pickles and chips :)
Gender: I thought it was a girl up until yesterday. BOY!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button: Still very in :)
What I miss: Not having a mega nose. I hate that I smell every little thing. I also miss running... This summer will be hard when I can't sign up for any races.
What I am looking forward to: Holding our sweet little baby boy!
Weekly Wisdom: Eat when it is the last thing you want to do. It helps me not vomit, ironically!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

18 months apart

Are we crazy?

The first time I knew.
I felt OFF the whole day. I woke up and got ready for the day as I put my jewlery on I couldn't remember which hand my wedding ring went on so I put it on and about 7PM that night I was sitting in a Relief Society meeting and I saw a sisters ring and thats when I realized that my ring is on the wrong hand. Many of you are thinking psh  no big deal.
I came home and told Mike this story I said let me tell you why I think I'm Pregnant. I'm starting to lose my mind! He laughed and said well I guess you will just have to wait and see.

A week later
I've taken about 10 test the last week... Finally last night was the first time I saw a hint of a line!  I have taken 5 more test and they are all really faint. I haven't started yet so I guess we will see. I'm still not 100% I think it's because I don't feel sick. Other than the ocasional tummy ache, but I dont feel pregnant. With Pey I knew the night before even taking a test that I was. It's interesting how this one is already different, isn't it?

I was busy buying Wicked tickets all morning and forgot to eat breakfast. As I walked out the door I took a prenatal  pill on an empty stomach just in case. That's about the time I started feeling nauseous. I met my friends at Sammys for lunch and shakes. I ate a huggin huge shake. As we walked to the car I was having a hard time keeping that shake down. My friends noticed and I lied... I went home and put Pey down for a nap. Then took a test. + Yes it is true PREGNANT!
My thoughts were: well that explains the sickness, but I don't feel pregnant yet like I did with Pey. Then I was like oh crap Mike is going to be home in a half hour and how the crap am I going to tell him in a fun cute way. I remembered a card I had got just for this occasion a while back. I taped a test inside just f

 and inside it says "Get ready for a whole new kind of "download."

I guess this puts my due date August 11th. I have thought about this long and hard. I have always loved being the oldest. Which means yes baby #2 will be as well I know the cut off is Sept. 1st, but I don't care. 

How it went?
Mike came home from a meeting ticked. I talked it out with him and reminded him that old people didn't grow up with technology and to not freak out. (long story) After he vented I said oh hey I got you something. He read it and then opened it I taped my test inside. He said "No Way!" We were both surprised it happened so fast. Pey took a little while, but this one was ready and didn't hesitate.

Hall Baby #2

I have first say to all of you that I have lied to the past couple weeks I'm sorry! I know it is just going to get harder and harder too.
Tonight my Mother-In-Law said " I guess it's time to have another one and laughed knowing that we are "trying"I told her yup we are trying so we will see. Then my parents came over and the card I gave Mike was sitting on the table with the test inside. I don't know if they saw it or not... Oh and Tillie was doing my hair yesterday and I was like is it ok for when I do get pregnant to do this. I'm sure glad she said yes except the hormons could effect the process and color.
I have only been nauseous twice so far and no throwing up! How exciting I know and it's only because I am hungry and didn't eat and took prenatals on an empty stomach.
I had Mike take a picture of me while I still  have abs and am at my skinnest 140, 5 weeks along. I guess here we go again, I've jumped on the fat train. I just keep telling my self you reached your goal and you can do it again, lets just stay under 200 pounds this time. :)
5 Weeks

6 Weeks 12.20.11 I'm feeling more and more nauseous everyday. I forced my self out of bed and down stairs to get some bread. I knew I needed something in my stomach fast. Eating is the last thing I want to do when I am about the vomit. I am really going to try hard to wait to tell everyone till February. I have a plan! I am worried that they are going to figure it out it is hard not to complain about it. I thew a party for Peyton and that night I was done. I needed sleep and my back was KILLING me. I had to just suck it up and smilie, I think they all bought it.

7 Weeks I am so nauseous today, but I feel like I can still function. I have yet to hug some porcelain even though I feel like it all the time. Mike and I are going on a cruise in 2 weeks and I'm really worried about the motion sickness of the boat and the pregnancy colliding to make me dead the whole trip. I looked back on my previous post when I was just 6 weeks with Peyton and how dead I was. I have to say this one seems to be a little easier not by much, but just enough. We went to NYC for our annie and I was about 7 or 8 weeks. It was so sick the whole time hence the reason I'm worried about being on a boat.

8 Weeks We were up late last night and I felt it a lot today. Pey woke up at 7:00 AM and it was really hard getting up to get her. I have a sore throat, runny nose and a lot of nausea. I can't get enough sleep.  Mike brought me breakfast in bed and I was having a really hard time keeping it down. I have started gaging when I brush my teeth. 

10 Weeks. 01.15.12 Well we just got back from a Caribbean cruise and I am so tired! I was so sick the first day on the ship, but other than that it went really well. I don't have any cravings yet. I do like food a lot more with this one and I've learned I get sick on an empty stomach so I am constantly eating something. It has helped so much. I am showing a lot faster and gaining weight fast too which is to be expected and no help from the all you can eat food on the cruise. I hope no one notices my little bump for at least another four weeks, this secret keeping is so much harder than I thought it would be. So far my first 10 weeks with Hall baby #2 have been different than my first 10 with Peyton. I keep thinking maybe this baby will be calm? Wishful thinking, I know. Another part of me thinks well maybe it's a boy I've heard you might get sicker with one sex and not the other. Something is telling me I have another little girl in there, but I've been wrong before so no guesses here.

11 Weeks 01.19.12  One more week till I get to go to the doctor and hear this babies heart beat and it can't come fast enough. I have been a little more nauseas this week. Which makes it harder to hide from family and friends. I have had my first cravings 1. A&W Rootbeer and 2. an Arbys melt.  Strange I know, I ate them and it only enhanced the craving. So far I'm just glad its not Milk. Now that Peyton is 1 we give her whole Milk and that would just fatten me right up. I did try it and it does taste really good, but defiantly irresistible.  Unlike it would have been with Pey. 

12 weeks 01.27.12 or so I thought, we went to the doctor today and he bumped me back a week so I am only 11 weeks....  Which makes my due date August 17. I'm pretty bummed because that means it will be another 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks before we tell anyone. I'm not going to give much detail, but I forgot to give him an important date which makes me think I'm really still 12 weeks (my fault) I'll just have to wait till he does the ultra sound and measures the baby and belly. I told the doctor "I feel like I just had a week of my life taken away from me" I was half joking.  Don't get me wrong I am very grateful to even be pregnant. Thanks for listening to me vent. I weigh 144 at the doctors which means to stay under my goal I can only gain 46 more pounds he he he.  On the other hand we got to her the baby's heart beat today! Which is always so special and it makes everything more real. It was fast and strong. I think Mike and I are still in a kind of in shocked mode since it happened so fast.  They did my blood work and boy do I hate that. I think the needles and the IVs are one of the worst parts of pregnancy. Mike is always wonderful at supporting me and coming with me. Pey had her own appointment because she is sick. There you have it. Oh and just because I am me and very stubborn person I'm not moving my appoint to find out the sex :)

Today 01.31.12  I had a very gross puking bathroom experience happen to me and that is all I'm going to say about that. Ask me and I'll tell you all about it. This kid is going to be the death of me. :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Puerto Rico

Mike and I were finally able to go on our Cruise that has been booked for a year and half now. I got pregnant with Pey and was too far along to with all of the family and friends. Mike and I went by ourselves on this adventure.

We dropped Peyton off with Mi Mi and Pa Pa and it actually wasn't too hard because we still had so much to do that night. Payden and Annette picked us up including Kilo and we went and dropped him off in Sandy at the Tesch's. Then it was off to the airport. We were pretty early so we started on a mini series called Downton Abbey and we highly recommend it.

The plane ride was okay, we arrived in ATL around 4:00am and I was dead tired. Then we left there about 6:00 and arrived in Puerto Rico. We got a taxi and found our apartment in Old Town San Juan.
We were excited to get out and walk the city. It was a Thursday the day before 3 Kings so there were a lot of people and celebrations going on.

There was this little cafe a block down from our apartment. The lunch was amazing! I think it is safe to say this was our favorite meal and moment together. Romantic and peaceful. I will never forget it.

 The streets were like this in Old Town. This picture doesn't do justice to how cool they really are.

This little kid came and jumped in the picture. I couldn't stop laughing. His mom kept yelling at him to get out and I told Mike just to take it. She said to me "I can't get him to smile in our pictures!"  There he is smiling away with me it was really funny.
Behind me the locals were flying kites, there were tons and they kept crashing and I was a little worried.

From the Fort

In the fort we found some ammo.

After the fort we went to the cemetery. All of the caskets are not underground because of the water table. It was kind of creepy and cool at the same time.

We rode a trolley everywhere, Mike thought this poster was funny because in the bottom left you can see they call it "The Walkable City"
Street Preformers

We ate outside at this Italian restaurant and this is the fountain :)

Mike and his La Caprese he ordered it everwhere we went and I didn't mind. YUM!
So this is our apartment that we stayed in for three days. Mike is locking the door. Watch the video for a full scale tour.

Here Mike is watching Nacho Libre in spanish and trying to explain to me what is going on.

Our Apartment :)