Happy New Year!

Here you have the first anual Hallish Christmas card!
This year has just flown right by! Mike and I were just talking about how he lost his job in the beginning of last year and how he has been at SolutionStream for 10 months now. It seems just yesterday we were stressing about where he was going to work.
*Mike couldn't be happier he loves his job. He is busy designing which is what he loves. He also serves as the Wolf Den leader and is over the 8 year old boys and helps them earn their belt-loops and achievements and work toward their Wolf.  He got his first duck this year and also went out on his first Utah deer hunt. For fun he plays Xbox with his friends online, travels and watches BYU and the Utah Jazz. Most of all he loves spending time with his family.
*Nikki works full time at home raising and training Peyton and Kilo. Every day she goes to bed exhausted from a day full of wrestling and herding. When she gets some spare time she has taken up running and has run in many different races in the last year. She also has started feeling crafty and has been sewing everything from bows, to skirts, to dresses. She got a sewing machine for Christmas so her creativity can no longer be bridled. We were recently released as the Sunbeam teachers and Nikki was called to be an Achievement Days leader for the ward. For fun she loves hanging out with her lady friends and has joined the Chick-fil-a "Mommy Club." She keeps cheering on her Utah Utes and Jazz. Her family loves her and she loves them.
*Peyton is growing one year old. She loves reading and riding her pony. She is a hyper little thing who only stops moving for a couple hours a day. She is an eating machine, she will eat anything that is put in front of her. She is talking and walking with ease and only slows down give you a hug. She is just like her mom and hates bows. She ripes them out of her hair the second we put them there. She very tall and is in 18-24 month clothes. Her favorite song is the "Hot Dog" song from Mickey Mouse Club House. She went to Disneyland for the first time this year. She also went to Stadium of Fire and Camping. Her favorite College football team has yet to be determined. She loves her puppy and likes to tease him.  She gets spoiled every Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa houses. She is a happy little girl who loves everyone and everyone loves her.
*Kilo is a new addition the family. He is 120lbs and is now one year old as well. He loves to gnaw on his bone and run around in the back yard. He has recently learned how to play fetch. All of the neighbor kids adore him except his vicious tail. He is a good boy and we love him very much.

Thank you for reading we hope all of you have a wonderful year with many sweet adventures to come.
Love, The Halls


Esplins said…
What a darling card! You guys are such a cute little family.

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