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Happy New Year!

Here you have the first anual Hallish Christmas card!
This year has just flown right by! Mike and I were just talking about how he lost his job in the beginning of last year and how he has been at SolutionStream for 10 months now. It seems just yesterday we were stressing about where he was going to work.
*Mike couldn't be happier he loves his job. He is busy designing which is what he loves. He also serves as the Wolf Den leader and is over the 8 year old boys and helps them earn their belt-loops and achievements and work toward their Wolf.  He got his first duck this year and also went out on his first Utah deer hunt. For fun he plays Xbox with his friends online, travels and watches BYU and the Utah Jazz. Most of all he loves spending time with his family.
*Nikki works full time at home raising and training Peyton and Kilo. Every day she goes to bed exhausted from a day full of wrestling and herding. When she gets some spare time she has taken up running and has run in many di…

Christmas 2011

The December birthdays got together and went to Tucanos!
Peyton sure loves her friend Phil.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties
Mike and the men in the family went to MI3 while Pey and I when to a few family and friend parties.
I just used a previous years shirt, but make hers. I told Mike that since he wasn't going to be there I was going to make fun of BYU. When he saw her ugly sweater he said "I think it's funny and cleaver." I'm glad he was a good sport.

Twas the night before Christmas and we were not at our house. Saturday we spend the day cleaning in the morning then off to the movies. We saw New Years Eve and it was actually really funny and I loved it because Zac Effron was in it! Then we headed to The Halls to share our favorite scripture of Christ and to read Luke 2 it always amazes me how emotional Luke 2 makes me especially thinking about Christ as a baby and thinking about Peyton when she was born.
We then opened up our PJs and and Peyton opened up some p…