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1 Year

She got 6 shots at her 1 year check up, poor kid. She did much better with the shots than earrings by far.  She is 32'' long and 20.6 something pounds which puts her in the 97th percentile for height and 52nd for weight! He asked me how many words she is saying I said oh about 15 I think he said WOW she is good then. I guess they have to be saying at least 2. I made a list because I wanted to know how many she says. Ma Ma, Da Da, Ba Ba, Kilo, Sit, Down, OOO and OH, Hi, Uh Oh, MMM, Co Co, Mi Mi, Nigh Night, Right There, NO, Thank You. I think i'm missing a couple, but those she can all say. She signs more and points when I ask her were something is. She also knows to be "soft" with Kilo. Any many more. As far as what can't say, but understands what I'm talking about amazes me. For example I tell her to "Turn Around" to go down the stair on her belly and she knows she just needs that little reminder or else she will just stand at the top and throw…