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Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving!

This year my birthday was the day before Thanksgiving. Tuesday- My family went to Sammy's in Pleasant Grove. It was BOGO so it was prefect. Who doesn't want free shakes? MMM Peach Cobbler and Raspberry Cheesecake are my fav so far. Any way it was a lot of fun just eating junk with the Fam bam. And opening presents of course. Thanks everyone! /[]\'=-===
Wednesday- My Birthday~! My best friend Kristen came over and did my hair and got Peyton all ready. It was wonderful! I couldn't figure out how to curl my hair with a straightener, but she thought me! So you will probably see a lot more pics with me in curls and Mike loves it that way. We hung out and watched GTU then headed to lunch at Zupas with Emilee, Mckell and their kids. I really love the soup they have. It was so fun catching up with everyone.
That night Mike came home from work and we dropped Pey off with Grandma Parry and headed to SLC! I usually go to the Harvest or Flemmings for my Birthday this year it was Flemm…