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Hawaii Day 5

We woke up at went to church. It was neat to see the Church outside of Utah. The members were all so nice! Mike and I were sitting across from a 7 month old and we couldn't help but tear up. We were missing Pey. I am still really glad she wasn't there because of all of the fun things we got to do. That we wouldn't have been able to do other wise.
Us girls were in Relif Society and they asked us our names and to tell where we are from. Then I heard a lady say Sister Snow from Pleasant Grove. I turnned around and sure enough it was Mrs. Snow that teaches Chemistry at the highschool. I never had her, but she caught me sluffing once with a student of hers... She was actually pretty cool about it ;) Anyway it was neat to attend church. I usually don't go to church on vay cay, but i'm glad we did.

After Chuch we went down to the beach to take some group pictures. What bunch of good lookin' people don't cha think??

This one is my fav. The surf kept coming an…