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Jesus wants me for a sun BEAM to shine for him each day!
Right now I just want cry. I just found out Brother Hall and I have been released. I knew it was coming and it is time, but I am very sad. I love those little kids. I am going to miss feeling the spirit ever week during singing time. Their little tender voices will forever make me smile. Yesterday was the Primary Program and they all did so good! Every single one of my 6 said their part and yes they all had them memorized. I was one proud teacher! They learned Praise to The Man and sang it, I loved listening to little voices sing such big words. For example: communed, Jehovah, anointed, dispensation, ascended, and Mingling I hope I have taught these little one as much as they have taught me. Every week I think to my self be like a little child. Each week Mike and I would giggle at some of their answers and things they would tell us. I am going to miss that a lot. Like how "18 is really really old!" One kid drew a pict…

Hawaii Day 4

I woke up rather early, I feel like The Halls knew how to handle the time change a lot better than me. I'd say it was about 6AM HI time and 10AM UT time everyone was asleep. I found out later Suzanne was at the store, but everyone else was sleeping I was hoping by this time to be sort of adjusted, nope not quite.
I went outside to watch the sun rise against the palm trees and had some nice alone time. I was soaking in the beauty. This is about the time I twittered this picture as I sat and watched the surfers for a while.

The picture above was about 30 feet from our room that we stayed in at Waiohai beach club. It really couldn't have been better.  Amanda came and found me and told me breakfast was ready. After we ate we all went out and walked on the beach. I was told to find a red tent and that's where they did lessons. Today was our relax day. Nothing planned and that meant I knew exactly what I had planned!! We found the hut and made an apt. at 1:00 which was around hi…