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Summer 2011

I figured since it is the last day of Summer I should probably post some of the pictures we took they are mostly of Pey :) Sorry I still need to finish the Hawaii post that was our highlight of this summer.

Mike and I drove to Jordan Commons with all of his work and saw Harry Potter in the IMAX. It was HUGE and awesome! Oh yes and I dressed up :) this guy from his work told Mike he'd make me a wand and he sure did!

We went to Ben Folds at Salt Air with Phil. This is not our first Ben Folds concert and it won't be our last!
We have a park that's pretty much in our back yard. Pey isn't quite old enough to understand it, but she sure loves dogs!
I worked backstage at the Kenny Chesney and Tim Mcgraw concerts. I got to see Tim up close and personal and same with the band Perry and Pat Garrett! It was freaking awesome!

Teething this summer has been so much fun... NOT!

For Paydens birthday we went to wait drum roll please...... Yup you guessed it Los Hermanos. We go there ev…