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8 and 9 Months

8 Months 
    Mike and I just got back from vay cay and I have to tell you Pey has sure grown in 10 days. We come home to find this little girl climbing on everything. She's an animal I tell you!
 * Cuddling more and more everyday. She use to head butt, now its turning into nuzzling.
 * Trying to walk, she can move about the house as long as she has a hold of something.
 * Her grandpa Frank has taught her to love ice water. If you have a cup she wants it!
 * She is snorting like a little piggy! Dane plugs her nose and she does it even louder. Thanks for teaching her that uncle Dane...
 * She is still diggin the sippy cup, but I give her a bottle too.
 * The attitude is only getting worse with age. Her little fits make me laugh, for now.
 * 1 tooth is visible with every smile, but I can barely see a top one too.
 * Pey loves the door stops after so long she rips them completely off.
 * She likes to think her favorite toy is my computer, she rips the keys off. I can't find…