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Mike and I dropped Pey off the night before since our flight was early that next morning. I showed my mom the basics of Peys routine and put her down to sleep for the night. It wasn't hard till I had to walk out of the room and knew I wouldn't see her for 10 days. I shed a few tears, but I knew she'd be in good hands.

I could hardly sleep the excitement was too much. I felt like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for a big present! Ashton dropped us off at the airport and we were on our way! The flights were long and I don't like flying it makes me nervous. We flew to Denver on a tiny plane that scared me... Yes we went backwards to Denver to go to Hawaii. On the Denver to Hawaii flight I sat next to stinky! Some girl that Mike and I think pooped her pants. That was a long 7 hours.
 We arrived in Oahu and the second I stepped off the plane the air hit me. I love the smell of Hawaii! It really is such a beautiful place! We found Suzanne and Amanda and guess what they gave u…