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Little Miss Americana

All of the specialty winners! Like Prince, Princess, Miss Americana, Mr. Americana, Miss Strawberry Days, Mr. Strawberry Days and more.

Pey won first place in little miss Americana 0-9 months! I got her all dressed and we were on our way to Pleasant Grove. We paid, got our judgment cards around 9:30. It was the rodeo royalty who judged her. They asked does she have any talents. I laughed and said yes, she loves the scream and laugh. That's about the time she belted a half scream half giggle. Just like we had trained her to do ;) I also said she can sit up and say da da. Peyton smiled and laughed at the judges and I saw one girls score card with all 10s so that made me happy.

Pleasant Grove Royalty
I went to my moms since our judging was over. We went back to hear the results at 2, I was supprised how many people and babies there were there. They annouced all of the regular categories like 0-3mo. 4-6mo. 6-9mo. 9-12mo and so on. Which I didn't enter her in, not sure why. Then th…


We have been playing Peek-a-boo with Pey for little while now, but yesterday she grabbed the blanket from dad and instead of him putting it up and down she started doing it!!