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6 Months

Really has it been half a year!!! Time to have another one, just kidding! This little princess sure is growing. She brings so much joy to our family we love her so much.

* Dada dada da da da is what we wake up to in morning. She also says ma ma and baba, but da da is her favorite by far. 
*Mike told me last night that when you put your finger in her mouth to feel for teeth she does it back. I tried it and she really does! So cute!

* This is hard to explain but, you can tap her mouth and she will yell so she sounds like a Native American. 
*Sitting on her bum. She falls over a lot so I make sure to have her practice on the couch.
* Stubborn like her mom.... She is still trying to sit up and does little crunches she gets frustrated and tells me so, then I help her.
* I love her giggle, she has some cute little rolls on her legs and you can squeeze them and she laughs. 
* If you sit her on your lap facing out, she will lean back cock her head around and stare in your eye and smile. It is my mo…