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Today I ran my first official 5k!  Whitney, Lynne, Annette and I were all there are ready to rock an roll! I am going to go into a bit of extensive detail and this is my apology. I want to keep this record so I can read it in years to come are remember the start of my running career. My morning began at 6:00 am not a time I am friends will 7 or 8 is better. I got dressed in my running git up then woke up Mike then Pey got her stuff already. Took Kilo to do his business and fed. We left home about 6:50. Got to the fire station and met up with the girls. Pick up my packet, which is a new running term I learned. With your number, shirt and other goodies. 
We all were taking a picture when the gun went off..... By that time the starting line was packet!!! We actually didn't start on time obviously, which means our times were off. Once we did cross the starting line it was a little awkward trying to get past people to actually run and not walk another time killer. Then we were off! Annett…