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5 Months

Pey got measured again this month herLength 27''= in percentile 95Weight of 15.18= between percentile 25 and 50 . I took her a few days ago because she had a really bad cough that was keeping her from sleeping. No infection just a little cold, the cough sounded worse than it really was.
 *She is still chewing on everything. If she grabs your necklace or a toy well anything really it goes straight to her little mouth. Depending on what it is she will either keep sucking on it or spit it out.
* Her most favorite toy is a plastic bag or anything that crinkles. I have to watch her carefully since those are so dangerous. She loves them though!
* She laughs so hard when you tickle her then I start laughing at her and she laughs because I'm laughing. It's really quite entertaining :)
* She is one rollie drooly polli girl, if I leave the room I am shocked to see how far she has "traveled".

* If she is unhappy put her on her feet and she will start smiling again. She love…