Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Appy Annie!!!

May 2nd 2009
2 Years
 Wow time has sure flown by and my love for Mike just grows stronger everyday. I think of US when I hear this song and so many many others as you already know. My friend Emily gave me the idea to post a link to our love in case you all forgot :) Mike took off work so we had the whole day together! It started off with breakfast at IHOP :) Then we went to Costco with Spencer while Mike went to the gym. I got his present there. Spencer helped me lift it and took care of Baby Pey. Then off to the gym where we got a nice tan walking outside. Mike met me at Fox Hollow to some balls at the range. Pey did okay for a little while, I hurried and hit all mine and went home to set up his present. He gave me golf stuff and an Xbox live account. Which I have wanted for quite some time :) so I was extremely happy. He came home to this on our dresser in our bedroom. Yes I finally did it, I let him have a T.V. in our room.... You gotta pick your battles ;)
Mike was shocked and very happy. I did get scolded for going over our $50.00 limit, but I figured its more for the both of us so it's from and she doesn't have a limit. Right? :)
Got home played some COD of course with my new live account (N1k0t1nE)! Not many wives will play Xbox with their husband I guess you could say we're BFFs!
Then we got all showered up and dropped Peyton off with Colton, Lynne and Thersea. Mike and I headed to Carvers, it reminded me a lot of  where we went last year in NYC The Palm and also Flemmings in SLC. It was perfect, I really recommend it. It is pricey so go on a special occasion so you don't feel guilty :)
After dinner we went to Jordan Commons to see a movie and the only one we agreed on was 5ast 5ive! It was amazing of course, I sure do love a movie with Paul Walker in it.
Then we picked up Pey and came home. What a day!
I am so lucky to have such an amazing hubby!