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4 Months

What is that??
Yes its a tooth, she is chewing on everything she can get her hands on. It isn't a front tooth either which is surprising because most babies get there front four first. Not this girl. She hasn't been like most babies though.
You'll see what I mean in the next paragraph.

Her cute Minnie (huge) bow I got her!
Mike hates any type of sling. I had to buy it with out him knowing lol  He thinks they are hideous and I agree, but they are a complete life savor. There is no way house work would get done with out it. When she is awake she wants to be held and wants to you stand.

3 1/2 Months We went to the doctor today. P has a little bit of a cold, not much you can do just wait it out. We both get weighed. I am 3lbs down from where I was when I got pregnant yay!  Peyton is 13.11 lbs in the 75th for weight and 27 in. long and still off the chart completely. The nurse always measures P, but today the doc wanted to double check. He was shocked to see her growing like a weed.…