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Disneyland Driving There

My friend Amy was getting married on Saturday and I wanted to go, I've never seen the San Diego temple and I have always love it and wanted to. I talked me to my brother and sister-in-law and they were IN! We decided to go to Disney for a day and make a trip out of it. They we remembered it's better when you take an even number of people and who not better to take and a 10 year old Disney lover. Dane.  I was stressed Thursday morning because I not only had to get my self all ready to go, but I was leaving P for a few days and laid out all of her outfits and things Mike would be needing. I was also a bit emotional. I've never left her for longer than 6 hours.  Ashton and Whitney picked me and P up around 2:00 and we headed to my parents. I gave Pey a kiss and then the tears started to fall so I quickly left trying not to make a scene. I was quickly distracted because we had to go check Dane out of school. He didn't know about this little adventure we were about to embark …