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3 Months

This is bitter sweet for me. My little newborn is not a newborn any more and I don't like it. She is growing up too fast. On the other end I love watching her grow and develop. She already has quite the personality!
We went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she was 12.5 lbs and 27 in. long I'm not sure what she is now, but she is defiantly heavier.
* I love her giggles!
* Our little fishy is blowing bubbles more and more every day
* I wonder if she is going to cut teeth soon she is a drooler!
* She arches her back if she doesn't like something. She threw a little tantrum when I put her in her car seat yesterday...
* Peyt can now grab her toys and pull them in to her mouth.
* She loves to be NAKED!
* She is ticklish all over
* P is a talker, especially around 5 AM I have to keep shushing her so she doesn't wake up daddy. She is also a  SCREAMER! (video to come tomorrow) If she is really really happy she will full on scream and kick. So cute! I hope she never realizes she ca…