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Pey Pey

Over the last few weeks Mike and I have noticed that Peyton loves T.V. (we were watching this dog for a lady in our ward) So lately I've had the T.V. on little kids shows, it seems she likes those the best. Its all the colors and movement I'm sure.

I walked in to the bathroom to find this little cutie taking a shower with dad, so I grabbed my phone and took this. It made me laugh so hard :)
Mike and I went on a date with The Eplins and I left P with my parents. She really likes to pull hair. Dane found that out quickly.
Blowing bubbles! I constantly have to wipe her face or else her shirt gets soaked from this new trick.  Well she was blowing bubbles, but I didn't get them before they popped.
About 15 minutes into church there was an explosion! Why? The doctor (not my doctor) said she could either have Walking Pneumonia or Allergies. He put her on stuff that makes her have really really bad diarrhea. He warned me about it, but I didn't think it would be this bad!!! 
So here …