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When it Rains, It POURS

Written Feb. 3rd 2011 The last few weeks have been a big test for Mike and I. We’re still in this storm, but I have faith. It all started when I got in my car and my check engine light was on. CRAP! I took it to the dealership he said you also have a head light out. So to even look at the engine and to fix the headlight he said would be about 270.00 just to start out and 3 to 4 hours. I laughed and said okay thanks and left.   Two days later I was home just visiting with one of my bffs and I heard the garage door. I jumped up and to my surprise I saw Mike. I said Hey home for lunch?  He said No I got laid off today. I laughed and said sure, what’s really up? Then I noticed his eyes started to tear up. He was NOT joking.  I was shocked. I kept telling myself not to have a freak out because that would make Mike upset and to be strong. That lasted a few hours.  I was thinking great we just got 3K in medical bills. We have savings, but that was for my new XTerra. I had to take a BIG step ba…