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2 Months

* Still pulling my hair, she has this death grip and she manages to pull my hair a few times a day.

* I tickle her face with my hair and she laughs.

* When she is upset me makes the saddest little face, its a huge frown. Then she fusses.

* She makes bubbles, they are cute. I constantly have to wipe her face because once they pop she has drool everywhere.

* She has experienced a few more flavors, Mike thinks its funny to put her binky in things.

* Snores when she sleeps, it might be because she still has a little cold. We think its super cute though. 
* Like both her mom and dad she sleeps on her side. Even though I put her on her back every night.

* She seems to sleep longer at night, from 12 to 5ish

* She is quite the talker. Mike and I talk to her all the time, I'll get a video of it soon.

* She love love loves T.V.

*She follows me with her eyes as I walk across the room.

* If we put a rattle in her hand she smacks her self in the head every time.... So we don't do that any more…