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Blessing Day

Peyton Tajma Hall was blessed today by her father Micheal Wayne Hall.
Exactly 9 weeks from birth on 02/20/2011
What a wonderful day. It was so nice having our family and friends around to celebrate with us.
She was quiet through the whole thing. Mike said she was asleep, but as the circle got together she opened her eyes for a few seconds.
Mom was very worried about her crying. Not even a peep from that little angel.
Dad did a wonderful job with the blessing! The spirit was very strong, I barely wrote down her blessing because I was so emotional.
We had lots of family and friends come over to our home for a luncheon. Sadly I didn't get any pictures with The Halls and The Zippros :( They were there though!

Mike tipping P upside down.
Happy Family!
Recognize the dress? Yes it was mine. As you probably know Mike and I are both very nostalgic.
Sam, Amy and baby Pey
Whit, Ash and P

Annette, Payden and P making faces

Showing off her bracelet Annette made her.
Kristen, Nate and P
Parry Family