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6 Weeks

Today Pey had her 6 week check up. She is still WAY off the charts!  She is 26.5 in. in length and Weighs 10 lbs and 5oz.  She was a punk the whole time... I guess she had a right to be. She was a sleep when we got there and so I had to undress her so they could weigh her, so she woke up cold and starving. She only wanted food, her binky was not good enough to tide her over. I breast feed, but in situations like this I give her a bottle and well just so happens I forgot the formula. I also can't find my cover and I wasn't about to breastfeed in public. Public being my Doctor and nurse, but still.  Then our Doctor checked her vitals and stuff, her eye has been watering, I was worried she was getting sick. She is not just a clogged duct so I have to put pressure just below it a few times a day. Also he said for her skin and cradle cap to use Dove soap every other day and if that doesn't do it then there are medicines he can give her.  Then came the worst part. SHOTS. Sadly daddy…