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Dad's Take on Peyton's Grand Entrance to the World

The past month has been an incredible one for Nikki and I. We have been oh so blessed to bring our new daughter into this crazy world, but more importantly into our beautiful 'little family'.

Nikki's pregnancy was not the easiest one for her. She put up with every kind of pain I could ever have imagined and never complained once. She is truly the strongest person I know. That is why I love her and am keeping her all to myself! Mine!

We were nervous as to how everything would go when delivery time came. My biggest nightmare was that it would all go down on a blustery cold night, with me driving through the snow with Nikki screaming about how she could see the head. Luckily we it did not happen like that. Not at all.

We went to the hospital the early in the morning of December 19th. Once we got there we checked in and were ready to commence. Nikki donned her exquisitely sexy hospital gown and I took up residence in my rocking chair. After nearly killing Nikki while inserting…